Facts About The Life Of Expats In Dubai

Facts About The Life Of Expats In Dubai That Are Not Known To Everyone


    Dubai Is A Sparkling, Futuristic Business Hub - But Not For Everyone

    When you read about stunning megaprojects, floating villas and underwater tennis courts, glamorous shopping malls and silhouettes of futuristic skyscrapers, you involuntarily wonder - how do ordinary people live in Dubai?

    The life of most people in Dubai is not at all like this ... Ordinary families live their normal lives in ordinary houses. Many people decide to live in completely different areas of the city that you see in magazines and on TV.

    It is possible to live in old, typical urban areas, where some residents still drink tea under the shade of the old haffs. It is also possible to live outside the city, in places such as, for example, the Arabian Ranch, residential complexes Desert Palm and The Villa, where you wake up in the morning from the singing of birds, and the wind carries the smell of horses in the open air, where you can watch the scarlet sunset over the sand dunes.

    The time spent in Dubai should not remain a superficial impression of the city décor, you should make your choice and experience this place. But if you decide to buy apartment in Dubai, AX Capital specialists will help you with this.

    Facts About The Life Of Expats In Dubai

    Cost Of Life In The UAE

    Do not be surprised if your net income during your stay in the UAE turns out to be different from what you expected.

    Rent and school fees (if you have children) are not a small fraction of your costs. Even if you live a rather modest lifestyle, avoiding excessive temptations, you will most likely need additional income for unplanned trips, dental services, and health insurance for your family.

    The positive side of living in the UAE is that expats do not pay income tax, the cost of gasoline and carsis much lower than, for example, in the UK. If you are not a fan of supermarkets, imported goods and restaurants in five-star hotels, then it will not be difficult for you to find places where you can eat at a much lower cost. And these are far from all the advantages that UAE expats have.

    Ultimately, the reality is that about 44% of British expats do not meet their financial goals during their stay in the UAE.

    “Expat” In The UAE Does Not Always Mean “Englishman”

    The UAE has a population of 9.4 million, approximately 89% of which are expats. When people find out about this, they most likely assume that the UAE is full of gin-sipping Englishmen with unnatural skin colors.

    In fact, according to the data received at the embassy, the population of the UAE consists of 2.6 million Indians (27%), 1.2 million Pakistanis (12%), 1.08 million residents of the Emirates (11%) - and so on. There are only 120 thousand Britons, which is 1.25% of the population. Thus, keep in mind that your expat friends in the UAE can be from anywhere!

    AX Capital Will Help You Buy Property In Dubai

    Life of expats can be very simple, even the same as for locals. You will definitely find new friends and adjust yourself to new way of life, new speed of life, new places and new traditions.

    The first and the most important thing when you move abroad is the place where you will live. If you do mistake, it will not be so easy to do mistakes corrections. Visit AX Capital website and find property what will suit you the most.

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