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Food To Pack When Travelling Abroad


    Healthy eating is important at all times especially when you are travelling. A non-healthy diet or eating junkies during travelling might result in jet lag. Some airlines usually supply food during the long journey. And most corporate travelers can easily afford their travelling meals. But there remains the doubt of supply of nutritious and balanced diet. Hence, packing some easy and healthy snacks is always preferable during a trip.

    It’s always better to be ready to face any consequences. Getting stuck on planes on the tarmac with almost zero food is undoubtedly a horrific reality to face. People may struggle with other difficulties as well while taking a trip. Especially if you are health conscious and want to eat healthy, avoiding unnecessary expenses, food choices can be a bit hard for you. So packing your food beforehand doesn’t seem like a useless idea at all.

    This article will give you an idea about some healthy food to pack when travelling abroad. Take a quick look before you travel!

    Convenient and healthy travel snacks:

    A few easy snacks that can meet your hunger and also your nutrition demand include-

    • Seasonal fruits always top the list
    • Energy bars including- protein bars, fruit bars etc
    • Healthy crackers
    • Healthy low-fat cereal
    • Sandwich
    • Oatmeal that can be prepared later with warm water
    • Protein powder that can be used to prepare protein shakes later

    Apart from this, vegetable or fruits salads can be packed in containers. These salads can supply you with essential nutrition without an abundance of calories. Fruits and vegetables help to make you feel full for longer, just the perfect meal during a trip.

    You can also choose to bring a travel blender with you. These travel blenders are convenient and helpful as your travel partners. This might seem like a luxurious item but it will surely make your trip easier. A go-to portable blender can help you make a delicious beverage in a jiffy. You can make tasty smoothie with your desired ingredients. Especially, when you are a juice freak, this could be just the right choice for you. Different companies manufacture these blenders with a variety of features. Some of the best travel blenders include- Bella 12 Piece Blender, magic bullet speed blender, Hamilton beach blender. A portable blender is easy to carry and use even during a travel session.

    Keeping snacks cool and fresh for longer:

    During a long journey, you need to ensure the freshness of the foods you have packed. There are a few ways of keeping your food fresh. The pre-condition of maintaining the freshness of food is to pack a few light and freshly made meals. You can use kid’s lunch container or containers with cooling features. There are some stacked containers available in the market. These come with insulated cooling feature that can keep your food fresh and healthy. Some food choices you can consider to store for a longer time and expect to keep them fresh include-

    • Freshly cut vegetables
    • Freshly made fruit-salad
    • Healthy and small fruits like- grapes and berries
    • Cheese sticks
    • Hummus
    • Yoghurt
    • Healthy vegetable or ham-cheese sandwich etc.
    • Quinoa salad
    • Home-made salads

    Snacks to avoid while travelling:

    Not all foodstuffs are convenient for a trip. Especially an airplane has air-trapped compartments where food odours remain trapped. Strong odor can result in reducing your appetite and may also result in jet-lag. It is also necessary to be concerned about the comfort of other members in the plane. You can expose them to strong and stinky smells. Even if you consider protein foods more than any other type during a journey, fish or alike foods can be a bad choice. Some foodstuffs that must be avoided in packing as travel snacks are-

    • Fishes
    • Strong cheese
    • Excess garlic or onion in foods
    • Fermented food
    • Strong boiled eggs
    • Smelly vegetables like- cabbage or broccoli etc

    Health and convenience both should be kept in mind before you choose a meal to pack for a journey. The most convenient food to pack when travelling abroad is the light and dry foodstuffs. They are healthy, easy to pack and fulfil your hunger effectively. So, before you plan to go on a trip, make sure to pack your snacks considering the mentioned facts.

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