Furniture Clinic Leather Repair Kit Review


    Many people greatly value leather items. There are many products made of leather material, including furniture, jackets, handbags, car seats, and shoes. After some time, leather can begin to wear out. However, if you have the right repair kit, you can restore its original look. We recommend you to use furniture clinic leather repair kit for all your leather repair needs.

    Furniture clinic repair kit is a top-rated product that helps you to restore your leather item's condition. The kit is easy to use and you don’t need any technical know-how. You just need to read and follow the instructions given to repair your leather. Go through the furniture clinic for more details.

    furniture clinic leather repair kit

    Details of furniture clinic leather repair kit Review


    Furniture Clinic


    13 ounces


    9.41 x 6.73 x 2.4 inches

    Number of colors:


    Furniture clinic leather repair kit review

    Furniture Clinic has been producing leather repair kits of great quality, and flexibility is an important element in all of their products. The leather restoration kit is one of the great products. This leather restoration kit has several advantages that make it to be one of the best among its competitive repair kits.

    Multipurpose restorer

    Leather furniture tends to fade when exposed to sunlight, dry air, or in case of daily wear. Furniture clinic leather kit repairs any kind of damage on your furniture, leaving it looking like new. You can use this automotive leather repair kit to repair either new or old leather provided that the leather material is absorbent.

    To be sure whether the leather restoration kit will work perfectly, choose a concealed part, and put a drop of water. If the water soaks, then the product will work best. You can use this product on your scratched purses, car seats, and scratched or faded sofas.

    Easy application

    It is very simple and straightforward to use the furniture clinic kit. The application is neither messy nor runny so that you will have a clean task. It absorbs into the leather faster and dries up quickly. This makes it very effective as it does not transfer to other parts or even to your clothes. It sticks faster and does not come off with normal use or even buffing. It offers instant results leaving your product looking shinier and conditioned for just 5 minutes.

    Good-Housekeeping seal

    Furniture clinic kit is a product assessed by Good-Housekeeping Institute. The institute engineers, together with scientific experts, conducted vigorous testing to check the effectiveness of this product. Marketing claims plus packaging conditions are also to the standard. This called for the prestigious seal award making it one of the best leather repair kits in the market.

    Extensive color selection

    Furniture clinic kit offers 21 different colors. This means that you will be able to choose a suitable color to restore your damaged leather furniture, leather product, or leather upholstery. Whether your leather product color is light blue, beige, and black, white, or lilac, you will get all these colors and many more.

    Shelf life plus coverage

    The repair kit is a great product that lasts up to 3 years in good condition. You just need to put it in a cool place and fasten the lid, and it will serve you for long without drying up. It is free from any bacterial growth. This product is required in small amounts.  A 250ml of the leather repair kit is an adequate amount that can restore a three-piece leather sofa efficiently. The repaired product will also remain in good condition for about three years without fading.

    Important features

    • Works on absorbent leather materials only
    • Simple application and faster results
    • Multi-purpose leather restorer
    • Little amount for a very large leather surface


    • Dries quickly and does not come off on clothes
    • Works efficiently and perfectly
    • Only requires small amount of a base color
    • It is very easy to apply


    • Works for absorbent leather only

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does Furniture Clinic Leather Recoloring Kit Work?

    Furniture clinic leather repair kit works great. You just need to select the appropriate color base that will match your item. Also, your leather material should be absorbent to give excellent results. You can esquire from the manufacturer's expert on the matching color in case you get stuck while choosing a matching color base.

    2. Is This Leather Restoration Kit Expensive?

    Furniture clinic kit products are cost-effective. However, prices vary depending on the repair kit type. You will, therefore, have some that are cheaper than others, but generally, they are not costly.

    3. Does Furniture Clinic Kit Work On Vinyl?

    No. Leather repair kit works on absorbent leather material only. Vinyl is not leather, and so this product will not work.

    4. Can I Use The Leather Repair Kit On My Faded Furniture?

    Yes, this product will work great on your faded couches, leaving them looking new. Make sure you select the color that will match perfectly with the color of your furniture. Also, ensure that you clean the furniture thoroughly before applying the color base. Applying it to dirty furniture affects its performance.

    Final Words

    Color fading in leather items can be a bit frustrating, especially if you do not have a repair kit to restore the color. With this leather repair kit, you will be able to restore your scratched or faded leather pieces to look as new. With the ease of application, you can use it perfectly alone without incurring further repairing costs. Leather products are very costly, and so repairing them will prolong their durability. I highly recommend the Furniture clinic leather repair kit Review as it is affordable and offers great results.

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