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    Our everyday household life is becoming easier every year. Even if we compare it with how we lived 20 years ago, the difference is obvious. Due to technical progress, gadgets and robots take now the biggest part of household chores and do everything for us - they wash and dry clothes, clean the floor, cook food, guard the house and help us in many other things. Our houses are no longer just accommodations.

    They gradually increase their intelligence and turn into smart homes that are able to solve everyday tasks on their own without human participation. Moreover, the main characteristic of a smart home is a harmonious work of all systems and overall cooperation according to some algorithm. We schematically divided all smart systems into four groups: security, resource-saving, comfort, and entertainment and had a look at four 2021 Gadgets For Smart Home that could become a perfect addition to your smart home.

    Cool Gadgets For Smart Home [Top Gadgets]

    Gadgets For Smart Home

    1.Security – Smart Peephole

    In 2019 a well-known growing company Xiaomi presented its new smart gadget for home security Xiaomi Mijia Loock Smart Cat Eye. In fact, the new product is a smart camera that is installed in the place of an ordinary peephole. The camera connects with a tablet or a smartphone and projects the video there. The Cat Eye has 166 degrees angle of view, high resolution, and powerful battery for two months of uninterrupted work, motion sensors, and infrared diodes. 

    Security Smart Peephole

    The camera is activated as soon as someone approaches your entrance door and sends a clear image on your tablet despite the lighting or time of day. The gadget can also identify the person due to its smart face recognition system. You'll be informed about the person's age, gender, special signs or face features, and other characteristics. The tablet connection helps run the camera remotely, store video, and adjust settings.

    2.Resource Saving – Smart Cleaning Machine

    For the last few years, intelligent cleaning has been staying the main focus of engineers' interest. First of all, it's true for robotic cleaning devices such as robot vacuum cleaners. While you cannot surprise anyone with automatic floor vacuuming and even mopping, the self-emptying function became an invention of the year. Thus, customers prefer getting Roomba s9+ or i7+ that can both clean independently and empty their full bins on special stations without the slightest human help.

    Also, nowadays, a whole rank of companies – Samsung, Bosch, Candy, LG, and so on – designs so-called smart washers. In this year, we'll see new generation machines that can become a worthy purchase for your smart home. The quality of washing has been so highly developed that machines could cope with the most complicated pollutions without any soaking and special powders, and the steam system removes both wrinkles and allergens and bacteria.

    Smart Cleaning Machine

    So, today the market of smart washing machines makes the main focus on energy and water saving as well as on remote control. New models are similar in these general characteristics: the gadgets determine the degree of the drum loading and then get a strictly defined amount of water that's necessary for washing in each case; the machines are equipped with a textile guard system that helps not only protect clothes from damage but also automatically measure the right amount of detergent and avoid overspending. Wi-Fi connection and especially elaborated apps allow users to control and monitor washing from smartphones, so you can run and stop the washer, be informed about the amount of detergent, water or energy consumption.

    3.Comfort – Automatic Window Openers and Smart Curtains

    Automatic window openers are especially popular at non-residential premises but can be really useful in your house. As a rule, the opening system has a drive unit that is set on the window and a remote controller (the latest models have Wi-Fi connection and apps).

    The system helps open hard-to-reach windows such as roof windows or highly located frames, control regular air conditioning of the accommodation and also extend the windows service life. If you have children, the automatic openers will never let those open windows, and burglars couldn't get in. Aside from good conditioning, a comfortable atmosphere in the house also depends on the right lighting.

    Automatic Window Openers and Smart Curtains

    The curtains and blinds system works just in the same way as the window openers do – a driving system installed on the blind gets a signal from the app and opens or closes the blind. Users can set daily schedules (for example, the curtains will be opened every morning right before your wakening) or regulate the light level according to the preference. In combination with the smart home lighting system, the blinds can save a lot of energy spent on heating and electric lighting.

    4.Entertainment - Smart Soundbars

    The latest 4K TV screens present a fantastic quality of picture and color rendition. Engineers do their best to improve the product and make it more compact. Modern TV screens become thinner and thinner. But with the development of image quality and size, we tend to forget about the sound.

    A good speaker system may become an excellent solution to this problem and contribute to your smart home. As a rule, a soundbar looks like a long slim board that is installed either in front of the screen or on the wall under it. Despite its location, the speaker system works perfectly and makes it seems as though sound comes from all directions. The majority of soundbars connect with and play sound from any gadget due to the in-built Bluetooth.

    Smart Soundbars

    The best 2021 models are equipped with microphones detecting human voices and providing easy voice control from every room. Plus, Wi-Fi and some app will connect you with a voice assistant, so you'll be able to check the news and weather forecast, set a timer, manage smart devices, and take full control of your media system.  

    Every year Gadgets For Smart Home become smarter and learn to do new things. Annual exhibitions amaze people with variety and "talents" of devices. Things that were unthinkable some 30 years ago today are becoming a routine part of everyday life. Your smart home communicates with you using voice control and apps, manages gadgets, and protects your property and health. We hope that this year's smart novelties will help it do its work even more efficiently and save you time and energy for more important things.

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