Garden Ecological Design Of 2022


    The approach to garden design is changing from year to year, and although some things remain the same, being eco is worth bringing a fresh twist to your cozy garden. In our article, we've picked up a list of eco trends that can help your garden bloom with new colors.

    Garden Ecological Design

    Create Illusion

    Eco style is gaining ground not only in interior design but also in landscape design. The time of linearly aligned alleys and flowerbeds is gone. Now the garden is more like a glade or meadow, where everything has its own life. Of course, this doesn't mean that you don't have to take care of it at all: the impression of wildness and squalor is an artfully created illusion. Plants like mountain pine and laurel are best suited to an eco garden; they will give your garden a "sophisticated wildness".

    Create your own outdoor biodiversity zone by planting plants and flowers and letting them grow without strict controls. Natural outdoor furniture will complement this design. You can find all-natural benches dubai as well as support your garden with rattan outdoor furniture and outdoor benches, feeders and drinkers for birds, and shelters for hedgehogs, toads, and bees to support local fauna. Fertilizers are welcome to be organic, including homemade compost. Landscape designers encourage saving water use and keeping the soil healthy through proper drainage systems and mulching. Faceted with the swimming pool furniture natural pools can become a true jewel of your garden.

    Add Functional Areas

    Increase the functional areas of your garden: areas for meditation, creativity, and remote work. In addition to the vegetable garden, orchard, and patio, there are areas for exercise, meditation, sunbathing, watching romantic movies and creative work. Instead of borders, there are living edgings, and walls of imperious plants and trees. A lawn is no longer a decorative focal point in the design of the garden. During the pandemic, a new type of garden structure has developed - a gazebo office or area equipped for working with documents and computers. Such structures are placed in isolated corners of the cottage, surrounded by plants without strong aromas and bright colors so that they do not distract from the work process.

    Outdoor kitchens were a hot topic a few years ago, but they haven't caught on as well as cozy indoor corners for relaxing.

    Functionality is the main idea, so the garden is now not only a decorative but a multi-purpose space, often including an office area, as many of us move to a hybrid work style. And using vintage items that hold history and evoke fond memories will help make using these areas more enjoyable. Creating a bright and memorable atmosphere in the garden will help plants or flowers in bright hues. The best ones are chrysanthemums, dahlias and gladioli.

    Make It Bloom

    Gardens can look beautiful and exciting outside of the prime spring and summer blooming season. Consistent decorativeness is one garden trend that will remain forever, and now it's more important than ever. To get an aesthetic pleasure at any time of the year, it would be enough to intelligently pick up plants with different flowering periods in one flower bed. A beautiful all-season flower garden requires clear scheduling, taking into account the size of plants and color schemes. Plants in this type of flower bed should be planted in specific groups so that some do not cover others. As a rule, taller plants are planted in the background and lower ones in the front.

    Natural objects (stumps, snags, boulders) and raw materials (solid wood, pebbles, vines), rich in texture and neutral in color, deserve special attention. Their zest is in their imperfection, in their ability to change over time and during seasons, to be covered with moss, overgrown with grass, or get covered by mushrooms.

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