7 Garden Plants That Require Minimal Care


    Gardening is back in style. To be honest, it’s hard to tell when it hasn’t been popular. This year has taught all of us a lot of lessons. One of them was surely the lesson of patience, independence, and being ready for anything. We all started to cook more, to spend more time at home and with our families. We have also begun to think of new ways to entertain ourselves while we are at home. There can be many things that can keep you busy at home. Though, not all of those things can bring such a comforting feeling and sense of peace as gardening.

    According to Madera garden care and tree maintenance, gardening can be beneficial for so many reasons. It can help you always have fresh flowers or herbs at home and a beautiful exterior. It can also serve you as your meditation time when you just focus on your plants and forget everything else. Gardening, as a skill that can be very useful to you for so many reasons. It can also be a great family activity! So if by now, you already think, “I need to do my assignments online and research my options,” don’t worry. We have your back. Gardening is way more simple than you may expect. Here are seven garden plants that require minimum care. They are perfect for the beginning of your gardening journey.

    Garden Plants

    Creeping Thyme

    We guarantee you have seen these plants in gardens a million times. They are the favorite plant of choice for all “lazy” gardeners. Creeping thyme is so popular due to how easy it is to take care of it. All it needs is mild warm weather and infrequent watering. It can be a perfect fry climate, as this thyme is very resistant to droughts. And it looks so pretty with its tiny purple and white flowers! Besides, you can also use it in the kitchen. You can even use this speedypaper discount code to order a paper on thyme qualities and traditional use in the kitchen.


    Coneflower can be a great choice for amateur gardeners who want to look more professional. These flowers don’t require much effort to grow, but, boy, do they look good. These red pestles are widely recognized. They are a proud addition to many well-designed gardens. Just keep them in the sunlight and water occasionally. Also, wait for the butterflies to appear! They love coneflowers.

    Creeping Sedum

    You cannot find a more low-maintenance plant than a succulent. Have you ever heard about anyone who killed this plant? No? Well, because it is impossible. If you need any other reason to plant these, know that they look gorgeous in bunches. Just plant a few dozens of those in front of your house, and you will have this elegant, unusual but inviting look that not every plant can achieve. They exist in large varieties, from all kinds of colors to sizes.

    Shasta Daisy

    When you have your first thought of gardening creeping in on you, you must have thought of daisies. They are the most common plant of choice for beginner gardeners in the world. Shasta Daisy is the classic version of daisies. It has large white flowers with traditional yellow centers. They will blossom for the entire summer as long as they have enough water in their soil. Just be careful if you don't want them to go out of control. Plant them in one place and prevent them from spreading. Also, daisies are great as cut flowers.


    We predict Hosta to become one of the most common plants in the exterior decor in the upcoming years. Why? Well, it’s easy. They don’t need anything from you! Think of the least needy creature on the planet, and you will have Hosta. You just need to give them some water in the morning to prevent any burning. Other than that, this herbaceous will survive anywhere. They also look really pretty with all those green, golden, and spotty leaves.


    How can we avoid mint in this guide? Frankly, mint is one of the best plants to grow. First, there are several great types of mint. Each has its unique taste and look, so you can have a personal favorite. Second, they are incredibly easy to plant. They just need some sun and a good amount of water. The trickiest part here is to prevent them from spreading. Other than that you should have no problem with them. And what a great helper to your coking they can be!

    Meadow Sage

    One of my personal favorites, Meadow Sage, is a great addition to any garden. They are vibrant, beautiful, long-blooming flowers that will bring lots of colors to your garden. And they don’t expect much in return! They have long stalks and deep roots to reach for the sun and take all the water they need from the soil. You barely need to maintain them at all.

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