5 Great Reasons Not To Resign


    We’ve all been there, you have had a really rough day, your employer seems even more ungrateful than usual, and you are fed up with the work. In short, you’re ready to quit. You may have been unhappy for a while and things have just reached a head. Or, perhaps you are worried about being unfairly dismissed and are already talking to a reputable unfair dismissal lawyer.

    But, one thing is certain, there are five great reasons not to quit.

    Reasons Not To Resign

    1. Future Opportunities

    One of the biggest and best reasons to not quit is that you don’t know what other opportunities are available. The larger the company you work for the more likely it is there are other options and departments that need help.

    In other words, if you are not happy then speak to your manager and tell them why you are fed up. They may be able to adjust your working environment or even your role. It is even possible you could transfer within the company to a different post that suits you better. 

    You don’t know what opportunities are available, that’s why it’s essential to ask before you quit.

    2. Have you A Plan?

    Quitting is effectively the easy option and allows you to take another job, assuming there are some on offer. But, if you haven’t got a plan you are likely to end up quitting the next job too. Before you quit any job you need to pause and take stock of where you are and where you would like to be. This will help you to focus on how your current position can help you achieve your personal goals.

    It may be the company offers training that can help you, or they may simply be a source of income until you get your own business off the ground. In either scenario, it pays to keep your current job.

    3. Negotiations

    There is little doubt that it is easier to negotiate with your employer if you are currently employed by them. Quitting hands all the power to them and you may find you have your old job back with less money.

    By sticking it out you can negotiate with your employer to start moving in a direction that really appeals to you.

    4. Resume


    Don’t forget that hopping from job to job doesn’t always look good on a resume. It’s better to stick at a job until you find the right opportunity than to keep changing jobs. It will show potential employers that you are committed and serious, making it easier to get the job you want.

    5. Personal Commitments

    Unless you have another job lined up then you need to think about your current personal commitments and how you will cover their costs if you quit. This isn’t a reason to stay long-term. But, it is a reason not to quit until you have got yourself sorted, decided on a goal, and started chasing it. In that case, you’ll be ready to quit in the future, on your own terms.

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