10 Hacks For Saving On Beauty Products


    If you are someone that loves makeup, skincare, haircare products, and other beauty tools, chances are you’d love to go to your nearest department store and spend a fortune treating yourself to all the latest products and classic essentials.

    But unfortunately, this isn’t an option for most of us. Most of us are looking for ways to look good and care for our skin without spending more than we need to. Here’s a look at some of the best hacks for saving money on all your favorites, while getting to try some amazing new products.

    Hacks For Saving On Beauty Products

    Look After What You’ve Got

    Take care of your makeup and it will last for longer. Make sure you are using lids and storing things like blush, eyeshadow palates, and compressed powders so that they don’t get broken. You should also wash brushes and sponges with an antibacterial wash regularly to avoid introducing bacteria to your makeup, or your face.

    Invest in Key Pieces

    There are some items that you might be okay with buying cheap, and others that you think are worth spending more on for better coverage. Foundation, for example, is sometimes worth the investment if it means that you need less. Think about your priorities when it comes to makeup and other beauty products and spend more on the things that matter most.

    Mix in Moisturizer

    Create your own tinted moisturizer by mixing a little foundation in with your face cream. This will look great on days when you want a lighter look, or when it’s very warm and you don’t want anything too heavy. It’ll also make your products last for longer.

    Find the Best Multi-Use Products

    Multi-use products are great for saving money, but also for saving space in your makeup bag, which is especially ideal if you travel a lot. Things like lip and cheek tint, and body and hair oil are great options.

    Look for Deals Before You Shop

    You can get some fantastic deals on things like makeup and perfume if you take the time to look. Shop around, compare deals, look for discounts and vouchers and wait for sales when you can.

    Follow Your Favorite Brands

    Following your favorite beauty brands on social media and subscribing to their websites means that you’ll always know when there’s a sale or special offer to make the most of. You might even get access to some exclusives.

    Give Dupes a Chance

    Some dupes are bound to be cheap and nasty. But some are fantastic. Read reviews online and watch beauty vlogs to get the best information on dupes so you don’t have to try lots until you find the few that are actually decent copies.


    DIY hair masks and face scrubs can be as good as the ones that you can buy in-store. They could also be better for your skin without any chemicals or additives.

    Cut Open Tubes

    There’s nothing worse than getting to the bottom of your favorite creams without having a replacement. Before you throw that tube away, use scissors to carefully cut off the bottom to make sure you’ve got as much as you can out of it.

    Use Less

    The best way to save money on beauty products is to use less of them. Have makeup-free days, wash your hair less often and skip the perfume when you are staying home.

    Saving money on beauty products doesn’t have to mean sacrificing either your look or great skincare. There are plenty of ways to save money while still getting fantastic products and looking your best. Typically, it’s a combination of all or many of these hacks that will produce the best results for both your wallet and your skin.

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