Pencil Pleat Curtains

Handy Guide to Buying Pencil Pleat Curtains like A Grown Up


    Pencil pleat curtains are a type of curtains having a unique and distinctive heading. They have pencil-like pleats at the top that are driven closer together using a cord present on both sides of the heading along width. They create a formal yet traditional look proving to be a statement piece to the windows. So, make a wise decision and smart move by investing in the right and appropriate curtains only. Below is a handy guide elaborating the features needed to be considered while buying the pencil pleat curtains for your place.

    Consider fabric’s weight

    All kinds of fabrics including both lightweight and heavy are suitable for these pencil pleat curtains. Too many heavy and thick fabrics may look lumpy when pleats are drawn closer together. So, check the fabrics weight to see if it weighs light or moderate, and overlook the heavy ones. It is worthy to mention that moderately heavy fabrics create more beautiful pleats and fall properly unlike lightweight ones that float and end up in a formless and flimsy look. When buying, bunch up the fabric to create pleats, hold them up and stand straight to see how they drape. Lined and layered pencil pleat drapes are also a good go to, being immovable the thick lining stays in place creating evenly distributed pleats which flow gracefully. If you like lightweight fabrics opt for a thick lining material and enjoy the everlasting look.

    Choose a Fabric materials that cater your needs

    Professionals suggest silk, sheer, cotton, linen, microfiber, and polyester fabrics when it comes to pencil pleat draperies. It is because they fall beautifully and create uniformly distributed pleats. These fabrics are also known for their neat and classic formal look. They are strong and durable which is why they last longer than other materials. Cotton and linen are not recommended because of the pleats at tops will tend to weaken their fibers leading to an early ripping.

    Silk, polyester, and other fabrics mentioned above have a textured and thick surface which makes them ideal to block sunlight to a certain extent, conserve energy, and create a more formal look. Lightweight fabrics like sheer panels are often combined with an interlining.

    Have precise measurements

    Unlike pinch pleat drapes, pencil pleats do not have a sewn in fullness so you are required to measure the window size and determine how much fabric you need for an appropriately hung drapes that create a fall nicely. You can measure both the required width and length using a metal tape because metal tape provides precise measurements. Begin with measuring the width from left to the right side. 

    Measure from 6 to 10 inches outside the windows panel, make sure the metal tape is stretched and placed at the right position. Once you've measured, multiply the width with 2 or 3 to get the proper thickness. For instance if the measure width is 30 inches, you likely need to have 60-90 inches wider panel.

    As for the length, measure it from 2 to 4 cm below the ceiling or 8 to 12 inches above the window panel (in case you have limited budget and cannot afford to buy more fabric) and end the length wherever you want the drapes to end. It greatly depends on the personal preferences, so you are not required to follow any rule. Floor and will length are the two ideally used lengths. When you have measured the required size, note it and set out to buying a new pair of drapes for your place.

    Color schemes & prints

    Color scheme and design greatly impact the overall look. For instance, if your place is so full of light and is located at the sun -facing side, vibrant colored curtains will be a bad move because excessive sun exposure will tend to fade them quickly. So light and pastel colors are a good go to for two reasons, first they are too light to fade and secondly if there happened to be any fading, it'll not be  prominent enough to become visible.

    On the contrary, if curtains are meant to be added where sun doesn't shine frequently, any color that compliments your interior be opted. Other than the position, interior greatly affects the color and design selection. For a simple interior, patterned panels are a great way to introduce a unique and textured look to bring life and excitement to it. Large abstract or graphic print is the best available and trending choice. Whereas, if your place is full of decorative furniture, texture furnishings, and intricate rugs do not ever go for patterned drape because it will disturb the theme of your place and also make it overwhelming. Instead neutral and plain curtains will be the best to avoid an overwhelming look.

    Easy maintenance

    No matter which fabric material or heading style you go for, each needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Delicate fabrics need special care and often do not support domestic cleaning which increases the maintenance cost and adds more to your expenditures. For instance silk and linen like fabrics cannot be washed at home and both need dry cleaning. Because both tend to shrink if washed. Whereas cotton, polyester, and microfibers are machine friendly and can be washed anytime. They support multiple cleaning methods and don't pill at all. Professionals suggest buying machine-friendly fabrics that can be washed and dried using machines because it'll save you money that you will likely be spending on the maintenance. Note that high quality and expensive fabrics should not be cashed in ordinary machines or they'll be ruined.

    Final words

    Choosing Pencil Pleat Curtains is fun so enjoy it and don't feel overwhelmed. Guides like the one stated above are just to help you determine what actually you need instead of imposing. It’s all a matter of one’s personal taste and preferences. So buy what suits your style and taste. It’s your home, your choice.

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