Health Benefits of Table Tennis


    You might be surprised to discover that table tennis is more than just a bit of fun. But before starting table tennis you need to confirm that you select high quality table tennis table with quality table tennis racket as well.

    Table Tennis or Ping Pong requires a retractable net tied on a table, a ping pong ball, and the best ping pong paddle for the player. You can find all these things over the internet easily.

    Table Tennis Burns Calories

    Health Benefits of Table Tennis

    Most people who weigh up to sixty eight kilograms will usually able to burn as much as two hundred and seventy two calories in a sixty minute game of table tennis. Not only is table tennis a good way to keep occupied, but people of all ages can have fun with this game.

    Improves Your Balance

    If you are a person who finds it hard to stay balanced, then consider getting into table tennis. Table tennis will help improve your balance because you are always having to change directions quickly. It is Easy on the Muscles.    

    If you have a range of issues with your muscles such as regular back pain, then we can tell you that table tennis will improve the strength of your muscles in ways you will never have imagined.   It will Improve General Coordination.    

    It is a competitive sport that comes with a number of health benefits and those who are watching sports every time, are aware of this fact. We encourage you to read on to discover what the health benefits of table tennis are. Not only will it improve hand-eye coordination but coordination of many other areas of the body will also be improved.

    Develops Mental Acuity

    Develops Mental Acuity

    The position of the ball, how it spins and how fast it moves is important in this great sport. Those who play this sport as a career have learnt to develop a range of different skills including creating and solving puzzles.

    Improves Reflexes

    Table Tennis Improves Reflexes

    Do you have reflexes that need improving? Because table tennis is a fast sport, this helps to make improvements over the gross and fine muscles in our body. The bursts of exertion then recovery often help in developing the muscles and in turn improves the reflexes.

    Helps to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

    Because this game helps to stimulate mental alertness, it is an ideal sport for children and young adults to get involved in.

    Not only that but it will teach older people how they can refine their tactics and improve tactical strategies and concentration.

    Assists With Keeping The Brain Sharp

    Studies have shown that those with Alzheimer's often need to work on their cognitive and motor skills. Playing table tennis is one way that can help with this.

    Some of the studies proved that playing table tennis will help the blood to flow to the brain more. In fact, it has even been reported that it is likely to stop dementia from occurring altogether.

    It Keeps Different Areas Of The Brian Stimulated

    Because players have to try and determine the way the other player is going to play their turn, players will learn about strategic planning. Players will also soon find themselves doing aerobic exercises as the game continues. As a result of this, the hippocampus will improve dramatically. It will teach players to remember events and facts for a long time to come.   

    The above are just some of the fantastic health benefits table tennis has to offer.  

    Table tennis is a game that can be played anywhere at any time. Not only will it improve many parts of our body, but can also improve our relationships with those who we are playing it with. Anybody of any age can play this great and enjoyable game. There is no age limits whatsoever. Communication with those you play this sport with will also be dramatically improved.      

    Because table tennis is a fast game, you can be sure that it will help to improve your speed. You have no time to slow down in this fantastic and fun game. There is no time to stop and think about what you are doing. You have no choice but to keep moving.

    Table tennis can also be played for hours on end. Next time you have a get together at someone's home why not encourage a few games of table tennis instead of sitting in front of the television screen the whole night.   We hope that you have found these health benefits of table tennis helpful to you.

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