HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review


    Bike riding is fantastic and when you are in solitude, going on long trips in your bike is the best option for you. Even when not lonely you might want to have your buddies tag along. Then you will need to talk to them while riding. The communication can be smooth when you have an elegant and affordable Bluetooth motorcycle helmet.

    When going for a Bluetooth helmet, you need to consider several of its factors. I have decided to feature HJC CL-MAXBT II Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review because of its top quality features. It's also known as hjc cl max 2 bluetooth helmet. Check out the features to help you out if you are looking for one the best Bluetooth helmets.

    hjc cl max 2 bluetooth

    Made Of Durable Material With A Superior Design

    This Bluetooth helmet comes in different sizes so has proven high reliability. It is made of lightweight, sturdy polycarbonate shell and fits pretty well. The helmets aerodynamics makes it seem like you are not even wearing it. The thick inside liner makes it even more comfortable. It has a sleek appearance and is very impeccable. If you are a back rider well it also comes as a plus to you. You don't go through the struggle of holding on to the helmet when going under high speeds or when looking sideways on windy days.

    Has Advanced Eyeshade

    It has an optically loftier face shield that protects against the suns harmful UV rays and can be quickly released by just pressing a single button. The face shield has an opening position, so you don't have to struggle with fog. As for the eye port, it has excellent outward visibility. The shield replacement has been created using the HJC technology quick slide, so it doesn't need any tools. The helmet also contains a chin bar. Based on the wind tunneling done by the HJC it is quieter. To seal out the noise the HJC CL-MAX II helmet has deep ear pockets.

    Art Ventilation System And Antibacterial Nylex

    The ACS system for ventilation flushes all the heat on a continuous basis to the front and the humidity. You can manage to lift the face mask to keep cooler too. The MAXBT II has a sterile Nylex material which it uses and has been fortified with anti-bacterial structures. You don't have to fight eye allergies constantly.

    Bluetooth Design

    HJC CL-Max II

    The HJC model has integrated recess and interior cavities for speakers. It comes with a covered recess chatterbox that is sold separately, but the installation is quick.

    The Overall Quality

    It has zader graphics that spice it up when you touch, although you might have few bumps here and there. This can be as a result of dust that has been trapped underneath or incorrect sealing. There are several available color versions like pearl white, matte black, and others. There is no pressure or hard points as the helmet has a thick liner which is thickly padded and removable. The rotating flip-up work just correctly with the face shield. The solid feeling detents in the face shield are good for slow-speeding. The helmet shell does not have squeaks or creaks like some cheap helmets.

    Air Vents

    The numerous vents system for the flow of air, as well as the inside padding, keeps the head cool. Though the vent only opens along the top, it is effortless to find even when wearing gloves. The vent happens to direct little amounts of air on the back of the face shield and the chin bars top. Has a removable moisture-winking and washable interior to keep your helmet smelling nice. The air also flows through the opening in the liner inside the helmet.

    The weight

    The HJC CL-Max II weight is evenly distributed, so the size does not matter that much. As for the large sized one, it is relatively heavy. So we can just say that it has reasonable weight and has the right balance. It is also notable that this helmet has been combined to suit seral riders in different types of motorcycles and those who ride with or without windscreens.


    • It is worth the money it costs and not cheaply made.
    • The liner is very comfortable for your head.
    • Quiet. It keeps away a significant amount of wind.
    • Face shield has defogging position.
    • It is also widely available in every motorcycle shop that you know. The availability makes it one of the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmets.
    • Available in plenty sizes. Doesn't matter the size of your head it there is always HJC CL helmet for you.


    • Chin curtain is optional
    • You have to buy the Bluetooth adapter.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Does this helmet's intercom system work with other different brands helmets?

    Though the helmets do not come with a Bluetooth system they are set up for chatterbox units that are specific and plug into the helmets side for an incorporated look.

    You can also go for a universal look although the port on the bottom won't be fully utilized. It all just depends on the system you are using.

    2. Which Bluetooth fits in best or which model is suited to blend in best?

    Chatterbox plus fits into the designed indent on the side. Also, another helmet Bluetooth headset is designed in a way that they can even fit.

    3. Can you have glasses on when putting on the helmet?

    As long as the front is flipped up, you can.


    The HJC CL helmet is an actual investment it will be in your service for a long time. When you are you're your friends why deal with screaming when communicating when you have this Bluetooth helmet. You just have the right helmet in the HJC CL-Max helmet. It is a great Bluetooth helmet since its price is very reasonable. This helmet merely has made life easier for most of those who love riding bikes. This helmet is very comfortable relatively quiet even though it might not offer any revolutionary structures when compared to other helmets. Overall it is the best.

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