How do I Select a Chain for a Pendant?

    Wearing pendants on necklaces have always been popular. Finding the proper chain for a pendant is always difficult though.  How do I Select a Chain for a Pendant which one is best? Follow our tips on finding a good chain. They will help you find one that is both comfortable and stylish!
    How do I Select a Chain for a Pendant

    Find the Correct Color

    One of the biggest problems with having to match chains to pendants is the possibility that they might not look the same.

    Let’s assume that you have a silver pendant. Your first port of call will be to look at silver chains. This will ensure that both chain and pendant match. A matching chain will ensure that your jewellery does not look out of place.

    This is of course more complicated if you have a multi-coloured pendant. Which color do you choose? You could always sidestep the problem by using a chain of each color, and swapping them out!

    How Long is it?

    A very important question! How long do you want or need your chain to be? If you want people to see the pendant, then a shorter one is best. If you just want to wear it, then any length is good.

    You need to be sure that your pendant won’t get in the way. A shorter chain is best for this if you plan on wearing it a lot. A short chain will keep it from swinging about and getting in the way. It all depends on what you are planning to do while wearing your necklace.

    How heavy is the Pendant?

    This is a big question. Many pendants are small and light, and so you can wear them with any chain that will fit. There are some pendants that are very heavy, however. These pendants will require a more heavy-duty chain to take the weight without breaking. Many gold pendant necklaces are quite heavy – gold is a heavy metal, after all – so their chains are quite thick.

    You don’t want to lose your necklace because of an inadequate chain! So be careful when looking for one.

    Is your Chain Decorative?

    Most people think of a chain as being quite a simple piece of jewellery. It can be very simple if that is what you want. It can also be highly decorative.

    If you want all attention on your pendant, then a simple chain will likely do you nicely. Some plain metal, and you’re done! But what if you want the decoration on your pendant to continue on the chain? What if the pendant has sapphires on it, and you want the chain to have them too? What if the pendant has multiple metals in it, and you want the same in the chain? You can have chains that do that!

    Will your Chain do Double Duty as a Necklace?

    For some people, they might choose a chain for their necklace, and then never take it off. They will be content with having that chain only used for that pendant. Some people like to buy chains separately from their pendants specifically because it is separate. They want to wear the chain as a chain, as well as part of a pendant necklace. You need to decide if that is what you want to do, or if you just want to make a necklace. What do you want to do?

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