How Many Calories Burned on Stationary Bike?


    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is as much important as is the life itself. So, you need to follow a strict balanced diet as well as a regular exercise routine in order to stay healthy and young for long. There are a hundred of diet and exercise regimes these days to choose from. As people are becoming more and more aware of the importance of staying healthy, there is ever-increasing ways to do it.

    So, if you also want to stay young for long, you can either go for hiking or cycling or walking. However, indoor cycling or stationary cycling is another good option if you cannot go outdoors.

    how many calories burned on stationary bike

    How many calories burned on stationary bike?

    Before you opt for an indoor cycling bike, you need to know how many calories burned on stationary bike. Yes! This is relevant so as to track your progress once you keep doing it for a certain period of time. Without any track of your activity, you might not be able to check how much it works for you. The calories burnt depend on a number of factors which include the type of resistance, your riding speed, your age and most importantly your current and target weight.

    Calories burned with Exercise bike:

    You have to keep the following in your mind:

    1. The speed with which you pedal your bike and the duration you do it determines the number of calories burned.
    2. Your current weight is a deciding factor for the time and speed you spend on the bike as it all depends on your stamina.

    Indoor Cycling and Calorie Burn:

    In order to understand the mechanism of burning calories, you will have to dig deeper. You will burn more calories if you go harder with yourself. Yes! It means you need to work harder to get yourself going. You can do it by trying different intensities of the cycling activity:

    Moderate Intensity:

    • In this method, you will keep a smooth speed of your pedalling.
    • Your speed should be constant at medium which means you cannot go very fast or very slow.
    • As a standard, if you follow this style for a 30 minutes interval, you will be able to burn 200 to 300 calories.
    • The point here is that if you are having more weight, you will lose a greater number of calories.

    High Intensity:

    • If you follow this style, you will have an accelerated pedalling speed.
    • It means you will pedal your cycle faster in a given period of time.
    • It is a bit vigorous approach and will let you lose 400 to 450 calories per 30 minutes.

    Maximizing The Calorie Burn - HIIT

    Since the main objective of the whole exercise is to lose calories, you can boost the rate of your calorie-burn manifold by trying different techniques. One of such tried and tested techniques is High-Intensity-Interval-Training. Yes, you do it as follows:

    • You keep the speed of your pedalling the cycle at a very high speed for some specific time.
    • Then you lower your speed.
    • This gives your body a recovery time and your body burn the calories faster during this time.
    • Then again pick up the speed for the next few minutes.
    • Repeat the process to boost up your heart rate and in turn the calorie burn rate.

    Benefits Of Indoor Cycling:

    When you prefer to have an indoor cycle at your home, you should expect to have the following benefits:

    Flexible Routine:

    No need of rushing to the gym at a particular time slot. You can have your own flexible routine during any part of the day when you just get on to your stationary cycle. This gives you a cushion to adjust your routine accordingly.

    Improved Stamina:

    You tend to improve your stamina and sense of satisfaction when you do it staying within the comfort of your home. All you have to do is to get started and achieving your goals.

    Controlled Blood Pressure:

    When your body will be engaged in such a vigorous activity like cycling, you will be able to control your blood pressure as it is a cardiovascular exercise.

    Improved Sleep:

    If you follow a strict regime of cycling even at home for a specific period of time, you will develop a habit of sleeping well. The improved sleeping pattern also aids in maintaining healthy routine for the rest of your life.

    Boosted mood:

    Having a regular cycling routine on daily basis definitely has its positive impact on your mood. As you stay self-satisfied and relaxed, you stay happy, calm and quiet.

    Lowered stress level:

    Cycling makes your stress level to come down. You will feel less worried about small things as your blood pressure will be controlled.


    So, here is a brief account of what you can do to burn your calories at a faster rate. Since the calories burned is in turn related to the weight loss, it is crucial for you to adopt such a routine which ensures maximum calorie-burn. The key to success in this journey is definitely the consistency and determination to achieve your target weight. Without staying focussed and dedicated, you cannot achieve your goal. You just have to keep your concentration and stay positive towards your goal and you are bound to succeed. Hope you like this article, how many calories burned on stationary bike. 

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