How Much Does A Good Acoustic Guitar Cost?


    Are you a beginner guitarist? You would be confused and worried about the budget you need to buy a guitar. Every beginner should know how much does a good acoustic guitar. It is because a wide range of guitar prices in the market confuse even the professionals.

    If you go for a low-price guitar, that means you are going to leave the guitar very soon. ON the other hand, too much expensive guitar for a beginner is also not fruitful. Due to lack of experience, a beginner doesn’t know what a guitar is offering him.

    So, here is a list of guitar’s price ranges for different people. Read the article thoroughly and then decide which one would suit you the best.

    Three Main Gauges to Guess A Guitar For Yourself

    How Much Does A Good Acoustic Guitar Cost

    To simplify, we say that three main gauges can help you select the most suitable guitar. These gauges are the three different price ranges that can distinguish the guitars between guitars for different people. Let’s check these out.

    200-500 US Dollars

    Beginners are the ones who face the most problems while buying a guitar. Most beginners buy either too cheap guitar that is of no use or they buy an expensive one which they could use properly. So, here is the price range for beginner guitarists, i.e., between 200 and 500 $.

    Those who often questions “how much is a guitar for a beginner” should read this part carefully. It is all about the beginner’s guitars. Every beginner guitarist wants to learn to play the guitar in a short time. However, guitar learning is a time-consuming process, and it needs dedication more than a passion.

    There is no guarantee that your newborn passion for the guitar will last forever. So going with a cheap guitar at the start is the best option. A cheap guitar has a slightly lower sound quality than the expensive one, but that is ignorable. So the best choice for beginners is to buy a guitar ranging between 200 and 500 US dollars.

    500-1500 US Dollars

    This price range is for those guitarists who have learned to play the guitar and have a love for it. If you play guitar as a hobby and you have experience with it, buying an expensive guitar is worth it.

    These guitars have a higher quality sound production and are also better in style than the previous ones. A better style guitar allows you to play the guitar with ease and comfort. Also, the attractive look of your guitar shows your interest and experience level with the guitars.

    Guitars within this price range are often equipped with electronic features that increase the efficiency of the player. These guitars have built-in amplifiers and equalizers that make them more versatile. In simple words, they allow an experience guitarist full control over his music.

    More Than 1500 US Dollars

    Are you a professional guitarist working with a famous band? If yes, then this range of guitars is especially for you. However, if your answer is a no, go for the 500-1500 US Dollars price range.

    There is no need to spend such a huge amount of money on guitars unless you are some kind of a rockstar. These guitars have a lot of features that only a skilled and professional guitarist can use. Mostly those guitarists who play guitar to earn money use these guitars.

    Why Should Beginners Select The Best Acoustic Guitar?

    At the start of every career, the beginner needs a boost and encouragement to keep it up. The same is the case with being a guitarist. If you are new to it and didn’t get the best guitar, you will leave it soon.

    For a beginner guitarist, a guitar should be easy to play and give the best exciting sound. Besides being the best guitar, its price should also be affordable as a beginner guitarist would not risk a lot of money.

    Finding such an ideal guitar is never an easy task for anyone. However, we have searched all the online stores and have a list of top picks for your convenience. Just check your budget and select the best one for you.

    Looking After Your Acoustic Guitar

    To keep your guitar serviceable for a long time, it is necessary to look after it regularly. The guitars are susceptible, and a little extra moisture or dryness can badly affect sound quality. To avoid such a worse experience, keep your guitar clean.

    Keep changing your guitar strings after regular intervals. While traveling with your guitar or even at home, try to keep the guitar in its bag. Humidifiers are also available in the market that stops the guitars from getting too much dry.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How Much Should A Good Acoustic Guitar Cost?

    The price range for a good acoustic guitar is between 200 and 1500 US dollars. Now it depends on the skill level and experience of the guitarist that how much price guitar he should buy. For beginners, guitars with prices ranging between 200 and 400 dollars are the best.

    2. Are Expensive Acoustic Guitars Worth It?

    If you are a skilled guitarist and have experience with it, an expensive acoustic guitar is best for you. However, a beginner guitarist cannot use a costly guitar properly. So for a beginner, simple acoustic guitars are the best that are easy to use.

    Final Words

    Anyone who wants to know how much does a good acoustic guitar costs should read the above article thoroughly. Knowing about the most suitable guitar for yourself is very important before you go to the market to buy one.

    If you are a beginner and don’t know the best acoustic guitar for beginners, you will buy the wrong guitar. So before going to the market, make sure that you know every single detail about the guitar you are going to buy. To get more info and guidelines, ask us in the comment section. It would be a pleasure for us to help you.

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