How Much Does Spray In Bedliner Really Cost?


    Trucks are made to handle roughhousing, but if you want your truck bed to last longer, then you need to protect it. One of the best ways in which you can protect the truck bed and enhance its value is by buying a spray-in Bedliner. It provides a nice covering such that water and dirt do not damage the truck bed. Also, the best spray on Bedliner prevents other items from getting trapped in the truck bed.

    If you are considering to buy a spray-in Bedliner, you are probably asking yourself the options that are there on the market. Additionally, you need to know how much these spray on bedliner cost so that you can get the right one. I will take you through the benefits and how much they cost.

    How Much Does Spray In Bedliner Cost

    Advantages of Using Spray in Bedliner

    Your truck bed goes through light to heavy hauling. With time, this can cause damages, but you can prevent all these by having a quality spray-in Bedliner. Spray-in Bedliner provides many benefits which include the following:

    • It takes less time to install the Bedliner
    • Prevents your truck bed from getting scratches
    • Prevents objects from sliding
    • It reduces cracking, bubbles and shifting
    • It makes your truck less noisy
    • Protects your truck from scratches and dents

    How Much Does Spray In Bedliner Cost? Is It Really Worth The Money?

    Spray In Bedliner

    Now that you know the benefits of using spray-in Bedliner, it is also wise to know how much you need to spend when buying one. Several factors determine the cost of spray-in Bedliner. For instance, the price can vary based on your location. Another thing that determines the price is the brand. You can find a Bedliner with a price ranging from 300 bucks to 500 bucks based on the brand.

    An average spray in Bedliner can range from $300 to $700. This is a huge price range, so it depends on your budget and the quality you want to get. You can also get inexpensive Bedliners with a budget of less than 100 bucks. These are commonly roll-on Bedliners, and they also work well when it comes to protecting your truck bed.

    Essential Considerations When Choosing the Right Spray-On Bedliner

    Right Spray-On Bedliner

    Apart from the price, there are other essential factors that you should consider to help you get a quality spray-on Bedliner. Some of these considerations include the following:


    Everyone wants to buy a quality product that will last long. A good spray-on bedliner should last long enough. Look for a liner that protects from outdoor weather conditions to enhance the life of your truck bed.

    Ease of use

    If you are planning to install the Bedliner on your own, you can consider a liner that is easy to use. This will save you extra costs of hiring a professional to do the work for you. Check and make sure that the liner is user-friendly. You should also consider the installation time. This varies depending on the price of your truck bed or the skill level of the installer.

    Color compatibility

    This is another crucial thing that you should not forget. Of course, you don't want a liner that doesn't match the color of your truck bed. Consider the color and remember that over-applying the liner will darken the original shade.

    Bedliner quality and quantity

    Quality also matters if you want something that will work well and last longer. When it comes to quantity, do not buy more liners than you need. Make sure you measure so that you can save more money.


    There are so many brands on the market, so choosing the right spray-on Bedliner can be tough. Go through several reviews before you buy to find out the most reliable and trusted brand. This will help you get a quality liner that works well.

    Final Words

    I believe you now know why you need a spray on Bedliner and how much money you should spend. While there is no fixed price for spray-on Bedliners, you can always get the right product to suit your budget requirements. The money you spend on spray-on Bedliner is worth it because it provides maximum protection to your truck bed. The good thing is that the liners last longer and therefore provide good value for your money.

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