How to Avoid Common MIG Welding Mistakes

How to Avoid Common MIG Welding Mistakes?


    There are many reasons a welder can face common problems. In some cases, they make the fault to accomplish their recommend task.  What are the issues? Mig welding seems secure method, but we have to be sure about safety first. If you lose attention; it can result in an accident. A lot of practice and attention prevent mistakes. That’s a point that we can avoid. But more than several welders makes some common mistakes – among them beginners most. So for their glorious welding profession adviser – some tips are given by where they can avoid common Mig Welding Mistakes:

    Maintain Welding Machine:

    One of the easiest ways to make your MIG gun run smoother is to replace the liner. Often a wire will start to jam or at least run less glossy than last time. However, if you keep a few ships handy, it will be in good shape to drop a new one. The loss of weld happens – lose quality, loss of time on task, and aggravation.

    Protect Mig Cables:

    A contaminated MIG wire can be a cause of waste a lot of time and make for a particularly antagonize time. By Remaining your spool wire wound at tight, so it doesn’t run off the reel and get tangled. Also, if you live in a hot and humid area, don’t leave your wire spool in your MIG gun for a long time. If you’re not welding regularly, remove the spool wire from the welder or place it in a bag. You can use a box soda, and tie up the bag tight.

    MIG Welding Mistakes

    Ground Fault:

    A ground fault happens by shortened life of a contact tip, and other front-end consumables. It also results if a solid ground doesn't correctly place at the time of MIG welding. Having a solid ground, the arc can become unpredictable and offer the ultimate result. It gives effect as more heat buildup in the front of your Mig gun. It creates more temptation and also creates more resistance and more wear — damaging the contact tip and other front-end consumables. It is feasibly impact on quality.

    To prevent these problems, place the ground cable as close to the work piece. By place, hook the ground cable on the weldment. If that is not feasible, pin it to a surface. One thing to remember: The closer it is to the arc, the better result you get in welding.

    Selecting the wrong spool gun

    A crucial step to prevent overheating by selecting the right spool Mig gun for the welding application. Be mindful of the requirements of your ideal weld; choose a weapon has enough duty cycle and amperage capacity. Smot application requires to welding at 300 amps all day where you can set a 200-amp Mig gun with a 30 or 40 percent duty cycle. The weapon never is up to the task. Supreme gun’s duty cycle leads to overheating; it will shorten the life of the spool wire. In addition to choosing a MIG gun which has a high enough duty cycle rating with amperage rating for the welding job, you can also take breaks to let the gun and consumables cool to help avoid gun overheating.

    There are plenty of things that a welder face during MIG welding; they case in the wrong way. If you keep these tips into practice, you’ll place yourself in an excellent position to avoid common aggravations and mistakes that come up while MIG welding.

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