How to Change Circular Saw Blade?


    One of the best tools you can have at home or at your workshop is the circular saw. Yes! It comes in handy sometimes to cut wood or steel and you will not have to call for help. However, the blades of the circular saw become dull after frequent use and here is when you need to know how you can change or replace the blade.

    Besides, it may also be the case that you mistakenly fitted a wrong blade as there are different types of blades for different purposes depending on the material, you need to cut. Whatever is the case, if you know how to replace the blade of your machine, you can do it yourself in no time.

    how to change circular saw blade

    How to change circular saw blade?

    Before you get to know the actual process of doing it, you should know the types of circular saws when it comes to changing the blade as it will help further in the process.

    • Blade release lever: this is mostly the case with the new models of circular saws. The lever especially designed for the purpose of blade removal makes it easier for you.
    • Bolts: the older models of circular saws mostly have the bolts which you would unscrew so that you can release the blade.
    • Rotation lock: there is a rotation lock also in some of the circular saws as it holds the shaft firmly and hence the blade is also fixed in the right position. For this type of saw, you would use the wrench to loosen the bolt.

    So, you can follow simple steps if you want to know how to change circular saw blade at home

    Step 1:

    • First of all, unplug the machine from the power supply or remove the batteries if it is battery operated. You have to stay safe and careful while you are handling the machine for replacing the blade.
    • Also ensure that you have the right size and specifications of the blade with respect to the model and type of the circular saw. Normally, you can get this important piece of information from the shop from where you are buying the machine.

    Step 2:

    • Make sure that you place the saw on a flat surface before you finally remove the blade guard.
    • For the models of circular saw having an Arbor lock, you can engage it now. An Arbor is basically a shaft on which the blade rests.
    • Lock the Arbor so that the nut does not rotate when you try to loosen the blade.
    • In case, you have the saw without Arbor, you can try to wedge it on a steady surface like wood or something which does not let the machine sway.

    Step 3:

    • Use the screw wrench and unscrew the nut in the same direction in which the blade has its normal rotation.
    • You might be having the wrench in your original packing of the circular saw.
    • If you have worm drive saw, you will rotate in a clockwise direction.
    • While in case of direct drive saw, the rotation should be anti-clockwise.
    • You can now easily remove the blade.

    Step 4:

    • Now you will take the replacement blade and fit it into the Arbor.
    • You will repeat the whole process but in the backward sequence.
    • Then fix the nut and tighten it with the help of your screw wrench.
    • Do not over-tighten the nut. Instead just place them firmly in their right place and it will be tightened itself during the course of rotation.

    Step 5:

    • Connect the circular saw with the power supply or replace the batteries.
    • Now check the machine if it is working well and continue cutting with the circular saw.

    Safety Precautions:

    You need to be extra careful when you are trying to fix any of your tools and machines. Especially, if the machine works through sharp fittings like blades, you must take precautionary measures to ensure safety and security.

    • The safety gears should be used when you are handling a machine, like circular saw. You can choose the protective gears like gloves and other stuff including safety goggles according to your size and preference. This would give you an extra protection while working.
    • Since, you are working with a blade, always keep in mind that baggy clothing may hinder your movement and may prove dangerous if they are caught by the blade, while you are still replacing it.
    • Before you start replacing the blade, it is important that you have disconnected the machine from power switch or remove the batteries, whatever may be the case.
    • Do not haste through the process. Let the machine blade stop completely to avoid accidents.
    • Always try to figure out before you start, which blade is suitable and for what purpose.


    So, this is how you can change the blade of your circular saw easily at your own. All you need to do is to be careful while working and simply follow the steps mentioned above. You will not only save your money but also the hassle to call for help from a technician. Your efforts will be paid off well when you will be having your machine working again with the new blade. So, next time, when you feel that the blade of your circular saw is getting dull, go ahead with the process and keep working.

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