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How To Choose Cordless Miter Saw – A Perfect Guide


    Cordless technology has made long strides from the past. These days, larger tools can be powered using batteries. We have always had a strong conviction that it was not possible to have a cordless miter saw but in the modern technology they are all over. The only challenge when it comes to cordless miter saws is to choose a cordless miter saw that best suits your needs. This article is specifically meant to help you distinguish between a bad cordless miter and a good one. Let us look at what to consider when purchasing one.

    Cordless Miter Saw Buying Guide

    Battery power

    This has led many cordless saws down in the recent past. However, there is a state of the art upgrade to Lithium-ion batteries. Insist on high voltage because low power is going to get you nowhere.

    <17 volts - If saw power goes below this, there is not much you are going to do. Buying a low power saw would be a waste of your money. Many saws go above this voltage except modified ones.

    >17 volts - The normal power voltage you can bank on is 18. This is achieved by a connection of two 9v batteries. If you can get voltage above this one, the better. Always avoid anything that does not reach 18 volts. It is essential to note that there is an equal measure between corded power and cordless tools. This is going to be possible if you have a good battery.

    No-Load RPM

    RPM figures often show how fast the cordless miter saw can do the spinning. It does this without much resistance. This is pegged on whether the power of your battery is high or low. Make sure that minimum standards are always met.

    <4,000 RPM - These miter saws are usually professional. They are ideal for work at your home. Although the budget for acquiring them will baffle you, it is worth the speed and investment as well.

    > 4,000 RPM- A super-fast spinning blade will make your cuts clean and professional. If this voltage goes above this, your work will be light and a timer that is thicker. This is a preference for those looking for the highest quality ever and professionals too.

    Safety features

    Working with devices of high speed, it is wise to observe safety features that are essential to users. Every model can have its special safety features but there are still some differences.

    Guard -

    A miter saw must have a protective guard. Make sure to get an exact of your size so that it does not distract your way as you do the cutting.

    Weighted -

    Make sure that your miter saw is weighted correctly. Do not get into a situation where your miter saw springs back quickly because it will be dangerous.

    Brushless motor -

    Standard and high-end models have a brushless motor. It ensures that the motor does not strain and also does not overheat while you continue using it.

    Controls -

    Carefully check on the miter controls and how to control them. Left-handed individuals should also check whether it will be ideal for them to use it. They can also look for a way of coping with the operations of the miter saws.

    Stable base -

    Stability is key in operations using this saw. Since they have a delicate balance, consider bolting them on a stable surface.


    If you are working from one station, it will be good to ignore the issue of portability but if your work requires that you move from point to point, consider the following aspects:

    Weight -

    It going to be hard to carry your saw from point to point if you chose a heavy model. Always go for lighter saws.

    Bulk -

    Take a look at a mattress, it is light but not easy to carry because its shape is awkward. Go for an easy to carry model.

    Bevel angles and cutting depth

    You need a saw that will cut a 45° bevel. This is because it is important to cut such angles correctly. Set increments are important as you cut because it makes it possible for you to cut your bevel. You can't set the bevel angle without this feature. The depth of the cut needs to be standard. Make it large to suit your needs.

    Extra features

    Corded -

    There are options for miter saws and it is either corded or powered by a battery. Your downtime will be minimal though. The remaining option being a corded one here.

    Runtime -

    Get yourself a battery that is going to run for a day and not five minutes. It will be of no use.

    Cutline indicator -

    The cutline is important because it will help you get the most accurate results. However, some will give you a guide.

    Sliding system -

    Your work is bound to be easier if you get a miter saw with this system. It also makes it easier to do angled cutting hassle-free.

    Dustbag -

    Sawdust can be an eyesore and having where to keep it will mean good for you. Also, have a vacuum cleaner for the best results. All miter saws should have a dustbag anyway.


    Why does my miter saw kickback?

    The in on closure of the kerf grabs the blade. Make a partial chop next to the fence to ensure the sliding miter saw works well. This will prevent any effect caused by binding.

    Are miter saws dangerous?

    Do not work on a miter saw just like you would work on any machine? It is a powered tool and therefore useful because it makes work easier. However, it is capable of causing danger if mishandled.

    Are ridge miter saws good?

    Yes. They provide versatility and stability required to support the saw. This allows you to mount any saw brand you like. Consider investing in the universal miter saw stands. This is due to their compatibility with any saw. With lbs up to 300, it is very supportive and sturdy. You will also get it over the stairs easily because it is wheeled.

    Wrapping it up

    Discussing whether there is a bad miter saw or a good one will take us like forever. Let us get it right that low-quality miter saws will only result in inaccurate cuts, long downtime, and issues in sawing. We have researched for five models that will not disappoint you. However, there is one model that is cordless but ranks above the five-Makita XSL06PT Cordless Miter Saw. Its battery is so powerful, the cuts are clean and quick.

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