How to Choose Shoes for Toddler


    Choosing a shoe for toddlers takes a lot of patience, analysis, and observation. We certainly don’t want to end up selecting an erroneous shoe with a bad performance for our little angels' feet. Purchasing a shoe for a toddler hastily without proper caution can sometimes result in some abnormalities in the feet. 

    It is clinically advisable to check out your toddler shoe fit personally to avoid hidden threats to the child’s movement and posture. Obviously, there are many classic and unique shoes for toddlers out there that can be fascinating in design and color.

    However, a toddler’s shoe has to be selected after a series of considerations in accordance with the feet condition. You should choose the best pigeon toed shoes which is more supportive and comfortable. It is very important that your child gets a supportive shoe that will provide both protection and comfortability without hindering their movement or causing problems such as blisters or calluses.

    Consider Before Choosing Best Shoes for Toddler

    How to Choose Shoes for Toddler


    The material and texture of the desired shoe cannot be neglected as it contributes to the comfortability of the wearer. Hard and elastic material such as plastic or rubber might not be ideal for a child of age one or a few months old. Although, some of the grown toddler’s shoe parts are incorporated with these synthetic materials.

    Suede, leather, and cloth are still the perfect materials for designing a toddler’s shoe. Unlike rubber and plastic that require cutting/shaping an opening for air access, these materials are porous, flexible, and breathable. Making it the perfect shoe material for feet that cannot do without curling up sometimes.

    These soft materials will certainly be of satisfaction to the feet of a toddler in any position or movement. It also makes it easy for the shoe to slide on and off the child’s foot with no friction or difficulty. Soft porous materials is an important component for the best pigeon toed shoes.


    Another crucial factor is the fit of the shoe. It is very essential for a toddler’s shoe to be well fitted to avoid discomfort. Just like every adult, most toddler’s shoes are designed with upper, insoles, glue on sole, midsoles, and outsoles. Knowing your child's foot size is necessary to get the perfect shoe fit.

    Scientifically, a toddler’s foot grows rapidly within months as a result of tender age development. Everything about a toddler at the age of 1 to 3 develops hastily and it is required of you to monitor such development and growth. This means your child’s shoe size in the 5th month is certainly going to be different in a few months.

    In that case, it is ideal that you get your toddler’s shoe at the nearest shoe store so you can have a wide variety of options and recommendations. You can also purchase online but ensure the product is protected and insured with a guarantee. This way you can return the shoe if you end up with the wrong shoe size.


    You might want to consider how effective and functional the shoe you are purchasing can be too. Shoe performance is an important factor that cannot be overlooked. Shape, Design, material composition, and constructive features are factors you need to consider for optimum performance.

    Frankly, a quality toddler’s shoe is quite costly and very effective. This is because these expensive children's shoe brands are manufactured with the aid of orthopedic research on children’s foot. Clogs, buckles, or straps shoe style are examples of an ideal shoe design. A lacing system can also be considered but it is time-wasting and slightly uncomfortable if worn for too long.

    The shoe constructive features such as insoles, midsoles, outsoles, and upper might also need to be considered. Upper needs to be made of porous materials like mesh, leather, or canvas. The insoles also need to be padded for soft cushioning. Midsoles and outsoles are ideally rubber.


    Children at a tender age deserve the best shoes supportive shoes for their soft cute feet. As the alpha and omega of the family, it is your job as parents to ensure they get top-notch quality and high-performance shoes for their rapid development.

    Scouting for these unique shoes with the aid of our exclusive informative article provides enlightenment like never before. You should also keep in mind that soft cloudy socks are recommended for toddler shoes, especially if he/she is few months old.

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