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How to Choose the Best Scope for 308 Rifle – Tested and Proven


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    A 308 rifle is a serious rifle with powerful capabilities. Its high accuracy for instance makes it stand out from other guns.

    The capabilities are further enhanced by accessories such as the scope. With a good scope, one can take a clean shot from hundreds of yards away with much ease. As such, it is a favorite not only for hunting and marksmanship sports but also in the military.

    The scopes are designed differently to suit a wide variety of applications. To choose the best 308 scopes that will work best for you, consider the following:

    This will influence the extent to which the image or view of your target will be magnified and also how clear you will be able to see the finer details.

    With the right magnification and clarity, you will be able to hit the target precisely where you want it thus ensuring a quick kill. The right magnification is dependent on your range of shooting. For short range, a 1-6x will do just fine.

    For medium range 6-9x is ideal. For long range you will need 11x and above. The clarity just refers to how clear one can be able to see through the glass. The lenses are differently designed for various weather conditions.

    Some only work well in perfect weather conditions while others work fine even in adverse conditions such as foggy or humid weather. Fully multi-coated lenses for example operate well in a variety of conditions. You should opt for a very clear lens with anti-glare properties. 

    Scope adjustability

    To best suit your shooting conditions, you will have to make a few adjustments. For instance, you will have to install the base and mounting rings.

    If the rifle comes without them, you will have to acquire them by yourself following the guidelines on the specs sheet. The turret should be flexible to ensure ease of use but also rigid enough to preserve your calibrations.

    That is, it should be easy for you to turn the turret and precisely make the adjustments but it shouldn’t be able to freely turn by itself as this will force you to re-adjust every single time. The best one should be lockable.

    Its structure

    In terms of the material used, this affects its weight and durability. Heavier materials are more durable but will add to the weight of the gun. This is undesirable as it limits movement on the field.

    Most manufacturers settle for the type of aluminum used for making aircraft body parts as it is light and resistant to scratching hence durable.

    Also, the inside should be properly gas sealed to prevent interference from atmospheric components that would otherwise hinder the clarity of the lens. See this link to find how scopes work

    The eye relief allowance

    In anticipation of the recoil force kickback, the distance from the eyepiece to your eye should be about 2-4 inches. This is to avoid being hit in the eye by the scope during the kickback. It also allows you to have an open view of your periphery. Besides that, you can shoot with your spectacles on.

    Fixed vs variable power

    Fixed power grants you only a single magnification while variable power allows you to choose from a wide range. As such, the fixed power scope is less expensive than the variable one but also lasts longer. Though, the latter comes in handy for long range shooting because it supports high magnification power.

    The manufacturing company

    Reputable companies have vast experience and have gained their customers trust by providing good quality products and services. Thus, you can rely on them. Clickhere to read more about scopes.


    Picking the best scope for the 308 should be quite easy if you use the tips above. The main factor that should influence your choice is the particular use that you intend for it. Other factors are quality, durability and range of functionality. The price is also very important. Piece of advice, don’t spend a lot of money on it unless you are sure of its capabilities on the field. For a beginner, start low and use it to experiment and learn more about the qualities that work best for you. Also, remember to consult those around you who have more experience dealing with guns.

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