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How to Choose Your First Airsoft Gun?


    Airsoft is a combat sport in which participants compete with their opponents by shooting without them getting shot. When engaging in airsoft sports, you need to be conversant with the type of guns you are using. If you are a beginner, your first airsoft gun should be easy to use. This will help you achieve quick learning.

    When selecting an airsoft gun, let it be pocket friendly. As you increase your airsoft skills, you will upgrade to a high-end gun. Regular training improves your ability to shoot and batter knowledge of handling the airsoft guns. This guide gives you some essential tips that will help you buy your first airsoft gun. This guide by gives you some essential tips that will help you buy your first airsoft gun.

    What is an Airsoft Gun?

    This is a special toy gun used in airsoft sports and its design make it shoot spherical projectiles. They are also used in military training or at home for safety purposes. In airsoft games, people organize themselves in groups to shoot against each other. The projectiles cannot kill once a person is shot though they cause a little pain.

    Airsoft guns may resemble real guns. The only difference between them is that the bullets in airsoft guns do not travel at high speed like in the real guns. During an airsoft sport, there is ammunition that you should wear.

    Types of Airsoft Guns

    There are different types of airsoft guns that you choose. These types include the following:

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    Spring Powered

    If you are a beginner, it is great to start with a spring-powered airsoft gun. You don't need to reload them severely since they have a lower rate of firing. This means that you have a better position to control them. unlike other models, the spring-powered guns are weaker.

    Battery Powered

    They are also known as Automatic Electric Guns (AEG). They are the most expensive type of airsoft guns, although they are the most popular. The guns have three gears in them, which are run by the motors powered by the battery (Nickel Cadmium battery). When the gears condense, they release the piston and the result of this compression make the BB pellets out of the barrel.

    Gas Powered

    The gas used in these guns is Carbon dioxide. You can use them as a sidearm and are very powerful. It is not advisable to use the gas-powered guns as a primary weapon since the gas does not last for a long duration. They also have a lower level of accuracy and consistency.

    Hybrid Guns

    The hybrid guns are an advancement of the gas-powered guns and the Battery-powered guns. They are, therefore, more powerful, hence the most recent. The battery-powered hybrid airsoft guns have an electric-powered blowback system. Every moment you fire a pellet; you eject a shell. After firing, the guns do not produce smoke or sound.

    The hybrid gas-powered has a tank in which the compressed gas and you can use it as a propellant. A pellet (plastic pellets) is put into the shell case, which is then put in a magazine ready for firing. To fire it, pull the slide of the gun backward. The gun will load the shell into a chamber. When you pull the trigger, the tank releases gas, making the pellet get out of the barrel.

    Things to Consider When Buying Your First Airsoft Gun

    You need to look for several aspects of a gun before you purchase it. If it is your first purchase, consider having some basic research of the guns to get the best. Below are some of the things you need to put into consideration;

    How to Choose Your First Airsoft Gun

    Weight and Material

    As a beginner, look for a gun that has moderate weight. They can have materials like polymers. You should not purchase a gun that is too heavy or too light. A gun with moderate weight will make your sporting activities easier as you move from place to place. Plastics are light, so if your gun is made of plastic, it will be light and not favorable for the sport.


    Ensure that the length of the airsoft gun you purchase is adjustable. Adjusting your gun position gives you a better grip, and thus you can focus easily. The gun should have a good grip to enhance good performance when playing.

    Muzzle Velocity

    This is the speed of the BB when leaving the gun and measured in Feet Per Second (FPS). It determines how fast the projectile will reach the opponent. The faster the muzzle velocity, the more chances of knocking down your opponents.

    The Price

    Your budget will determine the type of airsoft gun to buy. Quality guns come at a relatively higher price than those of lower quality. You might buy the best airsoft gun, but if you do not have the skills and tricks in airsoft, your opponents will outdo you regardless of their guns.

    The Use of the Gun

    You need to know the use of the gun before you purchase it. Will it be for sporting activities? Are you planning to have fun with your friends and family with it? For instance, if it is for shooting and sniping activities, make sure that it has a long barrel. This improves the accuracy, and the chances of missing the target are rare. An AEG would do better for fire shooting.

    Review Performance and Durability

    The different types of guns will perform differently. For the gas-powered guns, they use gas and recoil after shooting and may not do as much compared to other models. The spring-powered models have the cocking mechanism since they are sniper rifles and pistols. The spring in them is the propellant. On the other hand, AEGs use gears to shoot. They are also expensive. Ensure that the gun is long-lasting. You don't need to buy an airsoft gun now and then.

    Magazine Capacity

    These are the clips that carry ammunition in your gun. For a sniper or a support gunner, you will not require much of it. For auxiliary, you need a gun with high capacity clips, but not many as such.

    Where Do You Play

    The area of play is also essential for it will determine the type of gun you should purchase. It can be indoors or outdoors. For outdoor sport, make sure that your gun can shoot for longer distances. You can choose an AEG since it has a longer barrel. There is also a large space for play.

    Playing Style

    As you learn the airsoft sport, you will find out that different people play differently. If you play in the front line, it is better when you choose an AEG. If you are hunting the opponent one by one, buying a sniper would be the best option. Always take the necessary precautions when playing.


    When purchasing an airsoft gun, you need to make sure it reaches your requirements. Check your budget. As a beginner, buy a gun that does not cause so much strain when using. This makes it easy for you to learn and improve your skills. As your skills increase, you can now get a gun worth them. An airsoft gun should be of a reasonable weight.

    Considering that you will be moving around outdoors, you need not tire about it. If the gun is too heavy, it will affect your performance as you will get tired easily. Make sure you buy a gun with good performance and one that is durable. This will serve you for a long time.

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