How To Clean A Fire Pit? – Ultimate Guide

    Do you need to clean your fire pit? Of course, you need to keep it clean all the time. Cleaning your fire pit regularly keeps it in good condition. The process doesn't have to be overwhelming, with just a few tips, you will find it easy you maintain your fire pit clean. I will take you through some tips on how to clean a fire pit that will help you remove grease, sparkling, sticks, leaves, and debris, among others.
    how to clean a fire pit

    Tips for how to clean a fire pit

    If you want your fire pit a long life and use for many seasons without getting damage or old, ensure that to clean often and maintain. It would help if you also cleaned all over the place of fire pit and chairs of the fire pit as they get dusty when the wind blows the ashes on the chairs.  Here are some tips to how to clean the fire pit:

    Use proper fire pit tools

    When you are planning to clean your fire pit, consider about tools you are going to use. Using the right and proper fire pit tools helps you to clean in a good way. It also reduces your chance of getting burning and any injury. Use these fire pit tools when you clean fire pit:

    • Spark screen for more protection, to lower chance of burning and safety.
    • Protective fire pit cover, especially during fire pit is out of the fire.
    • An ash scoop to detach the ashes from the basin.
    • Ash bucket to store the ashes and take it to garbage place.
    • Fire shovel to collect fire and clean it properly without getting burning.
    • Fire-stirrer or togs to remove bole all over the place.

    Remove the ashes

    First of all, when you start cleaning the fire pit, start it by removing all ash, rubble, and debris from the basin.  It would help if you had careful when to remove the ashes rubble to reduce the chance of burning because fire can burn without flame for hours after the fire off. To remove ashes from the ground, use an ash scoop to remove the ashes and ash bucket to collect it.

    Use a chemical or natural cleansing solution

    If you are using copper, metal, or iron made fire pit, it's very effective to use chemical or natural cleaning detergent to clean the stain, patina, and shoot part. Use Common tarnish or patina stain remover like ammonium hydroxide. In addition to using chemicals, natural cleaner is also more effective. Prepare a solution of 200 g of salt and 4-liter vinegar.

    Then wet a towel in the solution, rub the tarnish or patina part slowly up, you get rid of it. The point you have to remember here is that if your fire pit is made of stone or masonry, you need to use different solutions. Use one portion of muriatic acid and nine portions of clean natural water. Then wet the towel or brush and the surface until you get rid of the dirt. Finally, please leave it to dry for 3 or 4 days.

    Use water and soap: especially if your fire pit is made of steel, metal, or copper, you can use water and soap to remove the dirt.  Use a mixture of clean water and soap, use a towel or a hard brush then scrub all the parts of the fire pit until you remove the rough from the surface.

    Then make the fire pit upside down and leave it to dry to avoid the tarnish or patina because the moisture can cause the stain to metals. Remember to clean the chairs of the fire pit since you are using water and soap, and you can clean the chairs. Use it regularly!

    Cleaning gas fire pit

    When you clean gas fire pit doesn't use the same chemicals or water like you use for other fire pit types because it will cause damage to your gas fire pit. Just clean it by dry towel and some recommended cleaner detergent. Keep often checking the burners and gas line as they are working properly.


    For centuries people are using the fire pit for cooking as some are using for recreational activities. Therefore, it is essential to keep your fire pit and chairs for fire pit clean and attractive. To remove dirt and reduce risks of getting burning during cleaning, follow those tips listed above.

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