How To Clean And Remove Stains For Laminate Floors


    Laminate is preferred not only for how economical it is but also because it is harder to stain. Unlike hardwood, laminate is made from plastic and wood fibers. While this is good news for homeowners that are looking for durable and easy to maintain floors, it also means you can't be aggressive with stains that make their way to the floor. This makes stain removal a challenge.

    But, it’s possible to remove stains from laminate floors. You have to be careful and knowledgeable on what you need to do to keep the floor looking its best when removing the stain.

    How to Clean and Remove Stains for Laminate Floors

    Don’t scratch or scuff

    There are different ways to remove stains from laminate floors. Scratching at the stain, sanding, or scuffing is not one of them.

    The floor damages easily when you use abrasive materials. Once you leave a mark, it's not coming out. It's very enticing to use the shortest and fastest method to remove the stain. But, with laminate floors, that will often leave a mark.

    Pick up the excess

    The first step to removing stains on laminate floors is to pick up or mop up the excess depending on the nature of the stain. If it’s liquid, you can mop up the excess.

    For candle wax stains, you can let them dry then use a plastic scraper to get them off the floor. This also applies to goo and some types of glue.

    For liquids like wine, use a laminate floor mop or a soft attachment on your vacuum. Do not rub. Just hold it over the spot for the mop to soak up the excess. Are you confused which mop is better for your laminate floors? Click here and Read the competitive review. 

    General Purpose stain removal

    For common stain problems like those caused by grease, wine, juice, or chocolate, you can use a home-made solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water. You can also add some dish detergent for extra stain-fighting power.

    Spray the solution on the problem areas and you a cloth to rub the area. You might have to give it a couple of tries, but eventually, the stain will come out.

    If this approach doesn’t work, you need to upgrade to the next step and use a stronger cleaner to remove the stain.

    Remove stubborn stains from Laminate floor

    After failing to remove the stain using white vinegar, water, and dish soap, it's tempting to try and use something like an abrasive pad or brush. But, this is not advisable.

    Instead, for ink, wine, dye, and cigarette mark stains, among others, the next best approach is to wet a cloth using rubbing alcohol or acetone. For dyes, alcohol is more effective, while acetone will work best if the stain is oil-based.

    It’s okay to try one if it doesn’t work, you can try the other. Make sure you have the proper gear, which includes a mask, protective eyewear, and plenty of fresh air when using acetone.

    Using the wet, run on the stain until it disappears. In this case, as well, you might have to go at it several times. But, each time, you will notice the stain become fainter.

    Final thoughts

    When dealing with laminate floors, knowing when to act on the stain immediately and when to let it dry off before working on, it is critical. Some stains like ink and wine are best addressed as soon as they hit the floor. Others like candle wax, glue and tar are best left alone to harden before attempting to remove them.

    The most important thing to remember is not to use abrasive products that will damage the finish of the floor, no matter how tempting it is.

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