How To Clean And Restore Aniline Leather


    Aniline is an organic compound that is used in the manufacture of precursors and other industrial chemicals. Normally, it has a foul smell that resembles that of a rotten fish. Aniline Leather is a type of leather that is usually dyed with soluble dyes that make its color looks very natural. It is also known as Non-pigmented Leather.

    After dying the dye does not produce a uniform surface of the paint that is the topmost. Aniline leather does not have a pigmented surface coating. It is again very soft, warm to touch, silky and natural. Here is the test to help one identify aniline leather;
    • Put a leather material on the surface of a table
    • Use a few water droplets and put them on the leather material
    • If the leather soaks in the water droplets, the material is aniline leather. If the water droplets do not soak into the material, then it is not aniline leather.
    Restore Aniline Leather

    Since aniline leather is essential, it is recommended to apply a cream to protect them. The cream acts as a barrier and prevents the stains from soaking. By so doing it gets easier to clean the leather using the right leather kits.

    Cleaning Aniline Leather

    Use a foaming bottle

    Use A Foaming Bottle

    A foaming bottle is used to generate foam from the cleaning liquid so that the leather does not soak in the cleaning liquid. This will give more time for the cleaning of other surfaces of the leather. The lid of the foaming bottle should be screwed so as to allow the entry of foam. Cleaning of aniline leather should be carried out often to avoid its surface from being stained.

    Use a Tampico brush

    The Tampico brush serves a great purpose in the cleaning of aniline leather. This is because it scrubs off all the dirt particles that might have gotten into the leather since it is not protected. The dirt is then loosened. Ensure you clean from part to part of the aniline leather since it is capable of absorbing the cleaning liquid. Put foam in the brush and rub it using a circular motion to ensure you cover all parts. After the foam has absorbed dirt, wipe it off using a clean towel until dry.

    Grease removal

    Grease Removal

    Aniline leather might have absorbed grease, depending on the upholstery used. Normally the parts that absorb grease and oils are the headrest and the armrest. The parts tend to darken as the grease and oils pile up. Therefore, the use of a leather degreaser would be the most appropriate as it will get rid of the oils and greases.

    Restoring Aniline Leather

    Restoring Aniline Leather

    Restoration of aniline leather is done to leather when it gets old, and its appearance looks tiring. Aniline Leather Restore is used in the restoration. It adds essential oils, also known as volatile oils which bring back the suppleness of the leather.

    The feel of the leather to is installed, and the fibers flex. Aniline Leather Restore is used on aniline leather only. This is because it can damage other types of leather. This, however, does not restore its appearance to brand new leather.


    Aniline leather is a natural type of leather that is warm to feel, and it takes in dyes easily. Maintenance of aniline leather is high as it requires proper care. During washing of the aniline leather, ensure it does not get into contact with the cleaning liquid as it soaks in the liquid very fast. Use of a Tampico brush is good as it scrubs off the dirt that might have entered the leather.

    If the leather is grease-stained or oil-stained use a leather degreaser to remove them. Use a cream to protect the leather and to restore its suppleness. Do not use leather ultra clean directly as it soaks in the leather and thus prevents it from working. Aniline leather is more susceptible to marking and staining because it does not have a surface coating for protecting it.

    For this reason, it is not recommended for use in homes with pets, especially those who like watching with the company of their pets. Have your leather cleaned at least once a year to get rid of soiling and greases that may cause long term damage. Taking good care of your aniline leather will make it last long, and it will keep it as good as new.

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