How To Clean Grill – Ultimate Guide


    Cooking on a dirty grilling machine is unhealthy and extremely unhygienic. Not only that, it makes the food taste bitter and smells burned. Keeping the grill clean is extremely important as hygiene should always be prioritized. However, many believe that cleaning the oily and greasy grill is an arduous task itself.

    However, with the maintenance of proper procedure, one can easily clean the grill. To help users clean the grill properly, some steps and techniques are included in this article to make cleaning an easy task.

    How to Clean Grill

    Things that are needed

    Not many things are needed to know that how to clean a grill. Some of these things can be made in the house also. Most common things that are needed are listed below-

    • Hand gloves
    • Wire brushes
    • Paper towels
    • Bristle brushes
    • Soap and warm water
    • Clean water
    • Liquid Soap

    Procedures of Cleaning

    • First of all, the gas line should be disconnected. Then a bucket of warm soapy water is needed to start the cleaning.
    • The use of gloves is optional in cleaning. However, it is recommended to use gloves to avoid any injuries.
    • The grates of the grill should be removed and these can be cleaned by using a wire brush.
    • The shield which works as a barrier, separating the grate and burners, could be lava rocks as well should be removed. Then the burner holes can be cleaned with a soft wire brush. Ash or other materials covering the burners, can be brushed away. Then the 6 burner grill can be set up again in the grill.
    • The shield barrier can be washed in warm soapy water. Lava rocks can be cleaned up by using a dry brush.
    • You can use a wire brush and soapy water to clean the inside surfaces of the grill. Then the surface needs to be rinsed with clean water. After that, paper towels can be used to dry it up.
    • The grease collecting tray inside the grill can be cleaned up using soap and warm water.
    • Vinegar spray and coffee can be used to wipe out the hard stains of food from the inside and outside of the grill.
    • For finishing off with a sparkle on the grill, a wire brush dipped with beer can be used to clean the grill. Only half a bottle of beer is needed for the whole grill to get cleaned. After that, the grill will sparkle.


    Now that you know all the tricks and techniques of cleaning the grill effectively, make sure to clean it before and after every use. Moreover, after cleaning the machine, it should be checked whether it is well dried both inside and outside.

    Before starting to cook, the machine should be pre-heated. A clean grill will help to cook the food properly and retain the smoky smell and juicy taste of the food, even after cleaning. So, why compromise health and hygiene now that you know how to clean the griller?

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