How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch?


    If you own a generator, then it is crucial to learn how to connect generator to house without transfer switch. Sometimes, many people experience power blackouts especially when there are natural disasters, hurricanes, or even stormy weather which may last for several hours or weeks thus inconveniencing the users.

    But here, with the presence of a generator, you can easily carry some wiring in your house without necessarily using a transfer switch. However, at times you may experience a problem since generators are hectic to connect and utilize in your house. Therefore, you need to use the following steps when connecting the generator in your house depending on the type of generator.

    How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

    Step By Step On How To Connect Generator To House Without Transfer Switch

    Before we look at the main steps, you need to ensure that you have the following.

    1. Interlock Kit

    Generator Interlock Kit

    The interlock kit is usually the key of the generator since it is responsible especially for linking your 12000 watt dual fuel generator to its panel.

    Therefore, when choosing the type of the key to use, ensure that it matches with the model of your generator. Without such considerations, you may experience some troubles for the entire process.

    2. Breaker

    Generator Breaker

    When choosing the breaker to use, you need first to understand well the type of generator you are using because it is dependent on it. Besides, you need to select the type of breaker which is compatible with the requirements generator power connection area as well as the generator itself.

    3. Gear And Tools

    Without the correct gear and tools, you may not complete the connection process. You should equip all the tasks with the right tool. Examples of such tools may include drills, pliers, wrenches, mig welding and screwdrivers. Apart from the tools mentioned, you also need to have gloves so that to protect them from any danger that may arise during the process.

    4. Wires

    Generator Wire

    Wires are very essential tools you need to have for proper wiring in your house since they make connections more secure. Therefore, to avoid confusion during wiring, it is advisable to use wires of different colors.

    The following are steps that you should follow when connecting the generator to your house without a transfer switch.

    Step One: Observe Safety First

    Safety First

    Safety is paramount especially when dealing with electrical wires. Therefore, you should ensure that you wear protective gear so that to protect you in the event of any shocks that may occur. Most important, it is good to avoid connecting the Genset into the breaker directly or using a male to male plug. If connected directly, it may result in a fire breakout.

    Step Two: Inspect The Amperage Of Your Generator

    Once you ensure that the safety is taken care of, the next thing is to check the amperage and the type of plugin your generator. Checking the plug type is necessary since it is useful especially in delivering the power to the entire sides of the breaker in your generator. Besides, inspecting the amperage is also crucial since it enables the users to adjust the materials used accordingly.

    Step Three: Drilling of A Hole

    Drilling of A Hole

    Next, you can get a driller and make some holes in your house. This hole is necessary because it is where the cables pass from your Genset to the house. Ensure that your hole is big enough so that it can accommodate the entire wires. Notably, it is advisable to ensure that the hole features a proper location so that to keep the generator in a safe distance away from you.

    It is good to avoid drilling a hole near to your bedroom since it produces unnecessary noises which may disturb you when sleeping.

    Step Four: Assemble The Materials

    Assembling the material is the last step when connecting the generator to your house without a transfer switch. You can achieve this by first mounting your power inlet into the exterior part of the wall. While doing this, it is good to ensure that the power inlet is far from the drilled hole on your wall. Once you complete mounting the inlet power, you can comfortably assemble the conduit as you glue them immediately to ensure proper safety.

    Next, you can now wire the generator inlet plug. To achieve this you can pull just a single wire from the body of the conduit as you push the remaining electrical wires. Now you can prepare the box of the breaker so that they can accommodate the conduit body. Immediately you complete installing the breaker retainer and wires, you should cover the entire breaker box.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Do You Need A Transfer Switch For The Generator?

    In the case of portable generators, they do not necessarily require a transfer switch however it is a good idea to have it. One of the advantages of having a transfer switch in your home is to enable you to power your things through the circuit breaker rather than using an extension cord.

    2. How Far Can A Generator Be From The Transfer Switch?

    Usually, there is no specific maximum length on how far should your generator be from the transfer switch. Therefore, there is no problem with putting them between 60-70 feet far from the transfer switch.


    Now that you have seen how to connect generator to house without transfer switch, it is always necessary to make use of an interlock kit whenever you are carrying out the entire process. Usually, the interlock kit is the perfect way of dealing with such connections. There are some other methods of connecting the generator to your house but they are illegal and you should not try using them.

    Some illegal methods are not safe completely and may result inthe occurrence of risks that can destroy your properties when not carefully. However, if you have any confusion on how to connect generator to house without transfer cable, you can visit our website since our customers care will enable you to solve the problem. Besides, on our website, you can get more information that will help you understand better.

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