How to Find the Good Asbestos Training Courses

    Asbestos is a hazardous mineral known for its highly insulative capacity, making it a popular choice as a building material in the past. With time, the use of asbestos has sharply declined because of the health risks it poses and the increase in asbestos-related deaths. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with ways to be protected from asbestos, primarily if you work in construction. If you want to be a certified asbestos removal professional, you will need to undergo proper asbestos awareness training before accreditation.
    How to Find the Good Asbestos Training Courses

    Who May Need Asbestos Awareness Training?

    Training in asbestos awareness mostly targets employees whose work could disturb a building's fabric or any other item that may be asbestos-containing material. These are demolition workers, builders, electricians, engineers, architects, architects, general maintenance workers, and painters.

    Supervisors and managers also need training because they supervise their workers on site.

    There are also asbestos awareness training courses for those who aspire to be asbestos awareness trainers.

    How Do You Decide That An Asbestos Awareness Course Is Suitable?

    Factors that you should have in mind when looking for an ideal asbestos awareness course to choose include?


    An excellent asbestos awareness course should be as comprehensive as possible. The training should be able to cover the following aspects:

    • Types of asbestos.
    •  Properties of asbestos
    • The occurrence of asbestos in buildings and how to recognize Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM’s)
    • Health hazards of asbestos
    • How to reduce accidental disturbance of asbestos and minimizing the risk of exposure
    • Dealing with an emergency when asbestos is disturbed
    • Laws and regulations that govern asbestos

    2.Level Of Training  Required Based On The Nature Of Work

    Licensed Work

    This level of training targets contractors whose work involves interacting with ACM's. The risk is usually higher, and therefore managers and workers need proper training on the use of protective gear such as respiratory equipment.

    Non-licensed Work

    Information in this level is for employees who work in environments that may contain ACM's. These include architects, plumbers, engineers, and their work includes laying cables or pipes, repairing cement, or demolition. Training should typically cover emergency response, legal compliance, waste disposal, and use of protective material.

    Notifiable Non-licensed Work (NNLW)

    NNLW is a form of Non-licensed training that requires employers to notify the relevant enforcing authority.  Mainly for short-duration work and removal of asbestos cement products and asbestos carbon products and paper that are not attached firmly by matrix.

    Though not a legal requirement, it is critical to have periodical refresher training courses.

    Who Can Carry Out Asbestos Awareness Training?

    An asbestos training manager should conduct training on asbestos awareness, while a qualified health professional should conduct training on the health effects. When it comes to the proper use of respiratory equipment, an accredited industrial hygienist should perform the training.

    Where To Find Competent Trainers

    Finding a competent trainer is also an essential component of asbestos awareness training. Check out local and state agencies and professional bodies' websites for suggestions on training providers for the three levels of training.

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