How to Fit a Climbing Helmet

    When going outdoor rock climbing, you need to wear a climbing helmet. Rock climbers need maximum protection from the rocks and other falling debris outdoors. This will prevent head injuries in case of accidents from unexpected falls and loose rocks. Not only do you need to get a climbing helmet but one that fits you well. So, how do you fit a climbing helmet? I will take you through some tips on how to fit a climbing helmet.

    Safety should be your concern when picking a climbing helmet. Therefore, you want a good helmet that offers a perfect fit. On top of that, you want a durable helmet that will last for many years and able to withstand impacts.

    Do You Need A Climbing Helmet?

    If you are doing indoor climbing, then you don't need a climbing helmet. But if you are into outdoor climbing, then a climbing helmet is a must-have. A falling rock can cause so much damages. Even the smallest pebbles can cause great harm when they fall from a higher height. With all these incidents, having a climbing helmet can protect you from all damages.

    How to Fit a Climbing Helmet

    It doesn't matter the type of climbing helmet you choose; the fit should be your first consideration. You don't want to get a helmet that is too big and move around your head since it will not protect you. On the other hand, you don't want a very tight climbing helmet because it can be uncomfortable.

    Climbing helmets come in different sizes to suit the needs of users. You can get helmets in different sizes ranging from 48- 61 cm. You can take the measurements of your head with a tape measure or simply fit different helmets until you find the one with a secure fit.

    If you want to know how to fit a climbing helmet well, place the helmet square to your head. Ensure the front rim is straight across the forehead. A good helmet should slide easily in your head, and when you tighten the back straps, it should fall or move when you shake your head. Such a helmet provides you with a good fit.

    To get a perfect fit, you can try different types of helmets so that it is easy to pick the one that fits you well. Always select a helmet that offers a snug fit.

    The next thing, check if you can adjust the chin straps. When you buckle the straps, there should be no slack at the rear and front straps. They should form a Y around your ears. Make sure your helmet is easy to adjust to get a perfect fit.

    Ease of adjustment is essential, especially during cold seasons where you need to adjust and take care of the skullcap. Apart from adjustability, another important thing that you should consider is comfort. Does the helmet has padding inside? Of course, you want to wear the most comfortable climbing helmet. Always look for a helmet with foam or padding to give you maximum comfort.

    Choosing the Right Climbing Helmet

    There are several things that you should consider when buying a climbing helmet. Some of these considerations include the following:


    Helmets offer protection bust; some are better than others. Get one with AND side protection to protect your head fully.


    No one wants to spend their money on a low-quality helmet. Ensure that your helmet is durable and can withstand impacts.


    You should also consider the weight of the helmet before you buy. Having a heavier helmet can make you feel uncomfortable. Get a comfortable helmet with considerable weight.

    Headlamp clips

    This is another factor you should check. Most of them feature headlight clips to keep you secure when climbing.


    You should also consider a design that allows a normal ponytail to come out at the back of the helmet since this will keep you comfortable.

    Final Words

    Every outdoor climber needs a climbing helmet. Don't just pick any helmet without considering the fit first. A good helmet should have a proper fit to protect you from all kinds of injuries. I have given you a guide on how to fit a climbing helmet. I hope with the above tips, and it will be easy to pick a suitable climbing helmet that fits you well.

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