How To Fix An Electric Lawn Mower That Won’t Start


    Usually, electric lawn mowers are the darling to many owing to its environmental friendliness. There are a variety of electric lawn mowers nevertheless, all of them have to be connected to a source of electricity and this ads up to their effectiveness for use in small properties.

    Undeniably, all electric lawn mowers get damaged but can be fixed using the same techniques. The elimination method is the universal way of fixing the most problems. If you play your cards well, I rest assured that you won't need an expert to repair it.

    how to fix an electric lawn mower

    Diagnostic Steps, And How To Fix An Electric Lawn Mower Easily

    1. Power Supply

    There are two types of the electric lawn mower. The categorization is based on the source of power for the mower.

    Corded Lawn Mower

    For these types of corded electric lawn mowers to run, one has to directly connect them to a wall for alternating current (AC). You may want to use an extension to make your cord radius a bit longer. Here, the cord will supply the needed power to the Mower's motor which then rotates the blades that cut the grass. Should the current flow gets disrupted, the mower won't work again.

    Diagnosing And Fixing

    The first thing you need to consider is the outer cable. Check if there is any fault before looking at the inner part of the mower. The power supply cable could be twisted and flexed during operation thus damaging it. To find this, see if there are cuts, holes, or punctures visible on the insulation of the cable.

    Again, the inner electric cables may be damaged without the outer cable manifesting the defect. This is where a multi-meter becomes helpful. A multi-meter is a device that can be used to verify if an electric cable can transmit power between two points. This device is available in your neighborhood hardware and should among your devices in the toolbox. Replacing your cable with a top-quality roll is the solution in this case.


    As the name suggests, a cordless electric lawn mower does need a cord for power supply rather, it comes with a rechargeable battery that runs the motor. Therefore, cordless lawn mowers are considered portable. Since they are cordless, the major problem that makes them fail to start is low battery. There is the least charge level needed in the battery to the cordless lawn mower motor and that has to be attained for the lawn mower to start.

    Diagnosing And Fixing

    To rule out this, recharge the battery for at least 2 hours and restart the mower. Should it fail to start again, then there is something wrong about the battery. It could be exhausted or too old. You may need to call a mower expert for further diagnostic tests. A for a lasting solution, replace your battery with a suitable model if you can.

    2. Fuse Default

    A fuse is a useful electrical device that is used as a protective device to secure electronic devices from a surge. All electronic motors fit on electronic devices have a specific in voltage, power input, and current for sustained operations. On some occasions, electricity from the grid goes beyond these values for some seconds. To protect your device, the fuse will automatically be blown.

    Diagnosing And Fixing

    Notably, this diagnostic measure should be carried out after confirming that there is no default in the transmission cable. As such, head to the socket plug particularly the three-pole terminal that fits into the main source i.e. the wall. If you are not confident about electrical operations, you may seek the service of an electrician to check the fuse. Normally, a damaged fuse will be black because it burns out. Replace the damaged fuse with a model of the same rate for a permanent solution.

    3. Unsecure Connections

    For an uninterrupted power supply, all electronic devices have to be connected to the power supply with a secure connection. Otherwise, there will a lot of resistance which results in overheating the mower. The overall effect of this may be a failure to start up due to power interruption.

    Diagnosing And Fixing

    To easily spot loose connections, check internal parts of the mower. Generally, dirty, frayed, or corroded wires may be signs of loose connections.

    Locate all the accessible connections in the mower and try to disconnect and reconnect back in. As an additional measure, try to clean off some parts with dirt and corrosion.

    4. Jammed Vents

    When using the lawn mower, debris, grime, and grass may pile on the vents of the electric mower. This is even evident for the best corded electric lawn mower. These overload the motor hence, if this is not sorted early enough, the cooling system may be affected leading to a total failure.

    Diagnosing And Fixing

    Open the case of the mower and probe for any debris sediments on the vent part. Do a thorough cleaning and eliminate the junk in the mower as much as you can. If you cannot open the case, use a stream of compressed air into the vent to blow away the debris.

    5. Motor Malfunction

    Although this is not a common problem, you may want to consider it after eliminating the other possible problems. Here, the most likely reason could be overheating or constrained movement rather than damage to the whole motor. This may as a result of overloading that delimits cooling air.

    Diagnosing And Fixing

    Examine for debris that may have built up around the lawn mower air vents near the motor. To fix this, fully clean the vents to enable effective rotation of the air. Always avoid cutting tall grass too fast. Since this may lead to overheating and you may be forced to acquire a new motor.

    6. Full Cutting Bag

    As a preventive measure, lawnmowers are fitted with special sensors to detect if its cutting bag is filled and bar start-up. If the cutting bag is filled during the operation, you may experience interruption and subsequent failure in the next start-up attempt.

    Diagnosing And Fixing

    Be sure to regularly check the amount of grass accumulated in the cutting bag after lawn mowing and empty the bag. Start the mower after this to see if the problem is solved.

    Electric lawn mowers are easy to maintain. Hopefully, you have realized that the outlined measures here are not unique to the basic maintenance standards for any electrical appliance. For a delightful experience, try to maintain your lawn mower as much as you can. Ordinarily, break down is expected of any machine, and should it happen, use this guide to Do-It-Yourself before seeking professional services.

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