How To Maintain Your Wood Planer – Let’s Check


    Maintaining your wood planer is an easy task however one needs to know the surefire tips to make it durable for a long shot. Therefore, we are going to discuss you on maintaining the wood planer under your belt. To make your planer knives effective to the fullest you should know how it works, and when you will know it then you can easily find out the flaws of it. Besides, after using any planer on a regular basis, you need to keep this updated.

    But how you should maintain it so that it can serve your purpose for a long time and won’t give you a hard time while working? Stay with us follow our instruction to know it.
    How to maintain your wood planer

    How to Avoid Tearout

    Whenever you are going to maintain your planer blade, make sure you save it from tearing out. Tear out refers to the wooden task whenever you can see the blade cannot cut out itself to a certain extent what you have expected before. Do you want to avoid that incident? In that case, ensure that the cutter head is on the right side following the grain whenever you will feed the board into the planer, whenever you find the head opposite to the grain than we were afraid that it would tear the wood fibers.

    Whenever you are using the planer make sure you remove all the debris from the roller. Besides, you need to clean the guideposts and elevate the screws from the head in the same way.

    Motor stalls then turn off the planer and lower your bed before you are going to restart the machine.

    Make sure, you have removed all the nails, screws and other stuff which is entangled with the wood. Besides, your cutter may come to damage whenever you will hit the nail

    Therefore, set the cutter head and make a shallow pass, then send those boards as much as time you can before you will get the perfect thickness.

    Safety First

    The safety precautions are the first and foremost task to do and for that try to wear safety goggles and make sure that it has side shields which can protect your eyes from dust. The dust that comes out from the saw along with the debris may harm your eyes so never overlook it.

    Try to use a board with solid knots and that is free from alien objects and can avoid the kickbacks. Also, try to stand to one side of the planer and make a distance that is away from the feed whenever the wood splinters along with the kickback occurred.

    Secondly, don't plane board below 11mm as the wood get damaged? Moreover, you can place the thin board under the thick board and slice them together using the plane knives.

    Finally, the breadth of the boards should be accurate neither too wide nor short. The wider board may catch on the feed and it could result in overheating.

    Why do you need to maintain the planer knives

    The planer knives can give you an absolute win but you need to make it as effective as it was serving from the first day. To make it happen, you need to care about it and remove the rust from it on a regular basis unless it won’t be as blunt as it should be. As a result, it will hamper your business to deal with cutting the woods.

    Most of the carpenter and woodcutter knows how to make a planer knives up to date. Therefore, after certain days later they started to work on it.

    The planer knives angle has to be a perfect angle and the lower you set the angle the better the sharpness would be. However, it has some limitation to lower down the angle. A30 degree adjustment with the table saw would be perfect and if you need more sharpness for specific work then only keep it for a while. Afterward, shift to perfect measurement.


    Want to cut your wood particles with great results? The planer knives can make it happen all day around during your work but when you will not make it up to date then it fails to provide you with that. So never overlook to make sure to maintain it and when you can see it doesn’t serve properly then ask yourself why? And, then try to solve the problem.

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