How To Make A Rental Living Space Feel Like Home


    Living in a rental space can get lonely sometimes, especially if you’re far away from home and alone. Some tenants, to counter that boredom, try to redesign their rental places. However, a lot of for-rent spaces and apartments have restrictions when it comes to remodeling or redesigning.

    If you’re having doubts as to how much change you can do, ask the owner of the place. It also helps if you review your contract. It’s usually okay if you’d like to put posters or stamps on the wall. Changing the place’s colors, however, is a totally different story. Fortunately, there are styling tweaks you can do to make it look cozy and homey. Take your cue from the following tips below.

    How To Make A Rental Living Space Feel Like Home

    Choosing Colors

    Since changing the colors of your rented space might not be allowed in your contract, you can select items that have colors that go well with the paint. Just arrange them accordingly, and you’re good to go.

    In the slim chance that the owner of the place you’re renting allows you to repaint the property, then choosing the right tone is essential in decorating your apartment. If you’re planning to make it as simple as possible, choose light colors for your walls and floor. Picking light colors can give your home that relaxing and serene vibe.

    Light colors make your apartment look more spacious. These colors also complement well with decors and other furniture with dark shades. As much as possible, try using only one shade of color. Multiple shades of colors can make spaces feel a bit crowded for some.

    In the event that something affects the livability of an apartment unit, any renovation or repair work done inside it should always be shouldered by the owner. If they allow you to choose your color of choice, then it’s only best that you buy the paint for them to put in your rented unit.

    Try Installing Floating Shelves

    If you love reading books during your rest day, then you should think of placing one in your apartment. Before you install these shelves, always ask the owner if it’s okay with them. Shelves are made to organize books and other things. If you plan to install one, you should consider comparing different brands first for you to know what brand is more durable and stable.

    Floating shelves not only helps you organize things, but they also add beauty to your home. If you have extra shelves in your apartment, you can take out your nightstand and replace it with floating shelves to give your bedroom a new style. Floating shelves also help conserve space, which makes individual rooms appear spacious than usual.

    Add Plants In Your Apartment

    If you want to have that natural vibe in your apartment, adding potted plants is a good idea. It is also an effective way to freshen up the look of your space. Apart from the added aesthetic appeal, adding plants in your apartment help can also help clean indoor air, which is good for the health of the tenants.

    Try adding succulents to your living space. Apart from their unique looks, succulents such as cactus, jade plants, and aloe vera, require little to no maintenance, making it excellent plants for those who are always busy. Additionally, you can also place mint, rosemary, and basil on your kitchen countertops. These plants smell fresh and can add aroma to your kitchen. You can even get some of their leaves and use it for your cooking.

    Consider Adding Curves

    Most apartments don’t have ample space. If your apartment has limited spacing, consider buying decorative furniture items with curved edges like sofas, or circular pieces of furniture like tables and chairs.

    Small apartments tend to look more prominent if the furniture in it is not in an angular or rectangular shape. Following this easy step can help you make your home look more spacious and livable at the same time. Having the feeling of living in a spacious space allows your mind to feel at ease.

    Change the Lighting

    Lighting is a significant factor in making a specific place livable. If you’re new to your apartment and you want to make it look like your home, use the same lighting you have at home. Having the same lighting fixtures will make it feel inviting and homey.


    There are many ways to make a living space look beautiful. When it comes to making it homey, there are specific tweaks you need to follow, all of which must compliment your personal taste.

    One good way to invest money or dividends for dummies is to improve your rental space. You can read online to know more about dividends. If you’re missing home or don’t want to miss home and want your current rental place to look the same, the tips mentioned above will make sure you won’t get homesick.

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