How to Make A Wooden Jewelry Box?


    A wooden jewelry box is the most secure and designing ornament holder. We can put our precious belongings like gems, jewelry in it. As it is built very strong, it gives security to its owner.

    How to Make a Wooden Jewelry Box Step by Step?

    how to make a wooden jewelry box

    So, here I am going to discuss the procedure of making the Best Wooden Jewelry box. There are several steps to be followed to create an organizer for valuable ornaments. From the materials to the making process of a box, there have many works to be done.

    What do You Need To Create a Wonderful Wooden Box for Precious Gems?

    There are some tools needed to make a wooden organizer. At first, it will be an advantage if you prepare a diagram of the box. It will help you to make the box easily. Later the material that you need is wood, according to the measurement, Hinges and Hasp.

    To give it a shape, one also needs a Screwdriver, Drill, Ruler, Wire cutters, Saw, Chisel, Sandpaper, and Wood Glue.

    Steps To Make a Simple Ornament Box

    Simple Ornament Box

    So, after arranging the material, the real work starts. Here, it is essential to utilize all the material and rearrange these to shape this part.

    1. Making Top and Bottom Panels by Cutting Side Blanks

    Before cutting the side blanks, an accurate measurement is needed. The box's side should be 3-1/8" wide. It should be 3/8" thick. The long part of the box should be 10," and the short side is 5".

    The proper shape is essential to cut the wood. It will be better if you use a handsaw to divide the parts of the wood. The top and bottom panels' dimension should be 9-1/2" and 4-1/2".

    2. To Cut the Sides Straight and Flat

    The cutting of the side of the box should be straight and flat.  It will make an accurate meter. Refine the wood in a proper shape and let it sit for a few days. After that, join the face sides again.

    3. To Cut the Meters in the Box is Important

    At first, make sure that the table saw is turned up. The meter fence should be in perpendicular shape to the saw blade. To make a jewelry box, if you want to give it a square shape, then all the sides should be in exact length.

    After cutting the miters in both ends, glue the box up by applying glue in all the meters.

    4. To Glue up the Miter Box

    There are many ways to glue up a box. But usually, the jewelry box does not come in great shape.  So, using clamps to glue up the box is hazardous.

    To make it easy, you can tape the outside of the joints. And then apply glue on the ends of the miter. Now set the top and bottom in place.  After setting it, roll up the sides of the box and tape the last joint. After taping it, give slight pressure to square the box.

    5. After Gluing, Sand the Outside Faces and Edges

    When the gluing of the box is done, then sand the exterior faces and top edges. To reduce any sharpness of the corner, round it over. After that, spray a finish on the box. Finish both outsides and top edges of the box.

    6. Cutting the Inner Liners of the Box with Fabric

    Before lining the box, it would be better to measure the width and depth of the box. To calculate the inside of the box is very important.  The fabric that is using here should be wider than the actual measurement of the box.

    To calculate the box's length, multiply the box by with and add it with the breadth. Later take the fabric and fold it in half and then press one of the corners flat.

    Now lastly, sew the corner and hem all around the top edge.

    Benefits of Using a Wooden Jewelry Box

    Wooden Jewelry Box

    We should keep our valuable jewelry as Diamond Ring, Pendant, Necklace, etc. in the jewelry box. A wooden box is a perfect place to store useful ornaments. We do lots of work to keep these safe. We use an Ultrasonic Cleaner; use a secure box only to protect them.

    A jewelry box is mesmerizing to watch. It looks beautiful and can be decorated in many ways. The wooden jewelry box comes at a low price. And pieces of jewelry can keep in it safely as it is built very strong.

    It has no chemical effects that can darken any custom jewelry.

    Final Word

    So that's how simply you can make a wooden jewelry box. It is a very fascinating work. And one can do it on his own if he knows the tactics better.

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