How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack

How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack


    For hiking, camping, trekking or even sometimes for kayaking you need a tent. A tent is one of the most essential elements for trips, especially for longer ones or the trips which include outdoor night stays.

    For going on a camping or any sort of trip you need to put a lot of stuff in your backpack. You need to take clothes, foods, emergency kits and other essential gears for camping. See more on

    Many people a separate bag for carrying a tent and other sleeping gears. Here I will show you some ways of packing your tent in or with your backpack. This will allow you to walk freely.

    How to Pack a Tent in a Backpack Properly

    With the help of an internal or external frame, you can easily accommodate your tent in your backpack. Whether you want to choose an external or an internal frame solemnly depends on your choice.

    Using Internal Frame that Provides Extra Space

    If you think your tent will be protected inside and also you have space for it then pack it inside your backpack. For this, you need an internal frame as it will provide you extra space inside your backpack.

    With the help of this internal frame, you can also accommodate your other sleeping gears. For stuffing the tent in your backpack 1st you need to fold it properly. Roll your tent tightly, putting the poles inside of it. Then put it in the tent pole bag.

    This will help you to hold the rolled tent’s shape. If you have a bit less space for your tent, then put your rolled tent inside a compression bag. This will help to reduce the tent size.

    Packing the Tent Using External Frame on Your Backpack

    If you do not have space inside your backpack, then attach it with an external frame. External frames are very much available in markets as it is an older style of tying a tent with a backpack. As it is an older model it has some drawbacks.

    As you will be attaching your tent with the outer part of your backpack, your tent will be exposed to nature. This increases the chance your tent of getting damaged or scratched. No matter how carefully you walk there is no surety for your tent to not hit any harmful object.

    Also, if suddenly it starts raining your tent may become wet and so as the tent poles. As your tent will be rolled the water will not get a space to drip off, therefore this water can also cause rust on the tent poles. Another major problem of hanging your tent outside is the tent can easily fall off of the backpack, and you may not even realize it.

    Consider the Size of the Tents for Appropriate Packing

    How to pack a tent in a backpack isn’t only about the guides on your backpack and frames. It is also about choking the size of the tent and its type.

    There are many types and sizes of tents you might need to go on a backpacking camping trip. Some time with a bigger group, you may have the role to carry a tent. Sometimes it may be solo travel with small tents. There are 2 sizes of tents.

    Small 1 or 2 Person Tent

    Small tents are for one or two people. These are easier to carry and packing it in a backpack is rather easies. Using the internal frame is a good way to go with these small tents in your backpack.

    Big Tents for Larger Groups

    Larger groups are more likely to stay in an appropriate cabin tent which has a lot of accommodation for having an extra bit of fun. Larger cabin tents will not be fitted in or out of your backpack.

    But three and four-person tents will be easier with your backpack. You can use an extra.

    Protecting the Tent from Rain

    There are some ways through which you can eliminate some problems. You can use the rain cover to protect your tent from rain, for this you need to cover your tent properly with a rain cover and if you do not have access to rain cover then use a plastic cover to protect it.

    For decrease the chance of losing your tent you can use compression straps and close loop ties. These can help you to tie your tent with the external frame.

    Adjusting the Frame for Packing the Tent Perfectly

    I think these tips mentioned above will help you pack your tent inside your backpack properly.

    Choose the way which is perfect and convenient for you.

    If you think you have a lot of gear and you do not have space inside your backpack then adjust and external frame and attach your tent outside of the backpack and if you think putting your tent inside of your bag is a better choice then buy an internal frame. 

    Last Few Words

    While packing on camping trips makes sure you do not leave any empty space in your backpack as empty space inside your backpack is very precious. Try to assemble things properly and systemically in order to accommodate all your essentials easily.

    Also, buy a tent which can fit inside your backpack; and if you are buying your backpack after you are done buying a tent, then buy that accordingly. If your backpack is smaller than your tent’s pole then you can never pack a tent inside your backpack.

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