How To Polish Wood Floors – You Should Know

    Your wooden floor may tolerate many things such as children's play, high heels, boots, pet nails, and many more. As refinishing costs you much, you can polish your wood floors that are inexpensive and easy. If you know the right way to polish wood floors, tools you need for woodworking, you can make your hardwood surface like a new one. Just clean the wooden surface with a mop, use some homemade or commercial floor polish, and regain your floor's shine. But polishing your wooden surface depends on the finishing. Some surfaces come with a protective layer, such as a waterproof barrier, wax, etc., instead of polish. So, you need to use the right product to avoid harm to the floors.
    How To Polish Wood Floors

    Let's See How To Polish Wood Floors

    To polish your wood floors, you need to know some matters. Besides, you have to do some other preparations before starting to polish. Read through the article carefully to understand the process properly.

    Learn How Often You Should Polish Your Wood Floor

    Cleaning your floor regularly is important to minimize the dirt on the surface. Sometimes, dirt acts like sandpaper that damages your floor gradually. So, regular moping or wiping your home surface is necessary. But in the case of polishing, you have to think more. We recommend you to polish the hardwood surface several times a year. It depends on the traffic amount of your floor. But most of the typical homeowners need to do it 1-2 times a month to maintain the shine of the hardwood surface.

    Polishing of a floor provides extra shine. Generally, polishing is a thin layer that protects the floor from scratches and a dull look. After polishing, you should let the surface dry properly before walking on it.

    Now follow the steps to polish wood floors.

    Check Out The Finish Of Your Floor

    Suppose you are not sure about your floor's finishing. You can scrape off a small bit from a hiding area of the floor with a knife to understand that. If you do not find clear material, your hardwood surface may have a penetrating finish. For this type of finish, you should stop. The only thing you can do is finish with wax. But in the case of clear material from the surface finish, you can then polish the area.

    Clean The Wood Floor At First

    To clean the floor surface, remove the removable furniture and carpets. If possible, remove the heavy furniture with other family members. After removing them all, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface. Before using the vacuum cleaner, you should use a mop to remove dust and small plastic particles from the surface. The faulty wheels of the vacuum cleaner can make a scratch on the floor.

    If your floor is polyurethaned, you should mop it with some dishwashing liquid mixing with some water. Dumping your mop, run it on the surface. After mopping, you should use a microfiber cloth to buff the wooden surface.

    Apply The Polish

    Choosing the right polish for your wood floor is very important. It is better to use water-based polish for a polyurethane finish. But for other types of finish, you can use a wax-based one. Now take a micro-fiber towel and take a small amount of polish with it. But you should make sure that the polish is smooth along the wooden grain. You can follow the feathering technique. It will prevent stripes on the polished surface. IN such a way, you can easily move from part to part with smooth transitions. Besides, before starting the work, you should avoid starting from the corner. Besides, plan the exciting way. Divide the floor into some sections that help you to polish easily.

    Polishing gives the wooden floor a new look. Follow the right way to polish the wood floor without facing a problem. Let the surface dry for few hours. If possible, let is 24 hours to dry completely. Then bring the heavy furniture and do your regular works on the floor. Try to clean the floor daily to keep it free from dust, dirt, and other small particles. Every month or after two months, try to polish the hardwood surface to make your floor like new.

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