How To Prepare A Car For A Trip To The Sea

    We advise you to start preparing for a long trip in advance. You should make the diagnostics of your vehicle in car service - if any malfunctions are detected, you will have time to eliminate them even before the trip. Of course, you can contact a car repair service in any country. For example, if you went to the sea in the United Arab Emirates, then you can find a good car repair company and carry out diagnostics on the spot, and fix malfunctions. 

    You will have access to a full range of car maintenance from identifying breakdowns to rim painting dubai. Auto repair professionals have enough experience to comprehend any car's device and repair problems after a thorough diagnosis, whether the issue is a breakdown of the car's body or electronics.

    How To Prepare A Car For A Trip To The Sea

    If you check the condition of the car yourself, pay attention to the following points.

    Check The Technical Condition Of The Vehicle

    The main points are:

    • Level Of Oil In The Engine
    • Liquid Level In The Cooling System
    • Level Of A Brake Liquid
    • Lighting Fixtures
    • Tire Pressure And Tread

    Failure of any of these elements can provoke an accident, so it is better to look at the technical inspection. If there are malfunctions in the car, you do not need to think about whether it is worth contacting the service - it is better to immediately turn to professionals than to repair it yourself.

    Even if you have checked everything and everything works, breakdowns can happen on the way. So, you need to take with you on the road: reflective vests, a spare wheel, a puncture repair kit, a tire inflation compressor, a tow rope, spare wipers and bulbs, brake fluid and antifreeze, a fire extinguisher, water for the windshield washer, gloves for dirty work.

    How To Save Money On A Trip

    1. Fuel: Refuel at well-known network gas stations: gasoline is better there, and you can also purchase discount cards and accumulate bonus points.

    2. Fines: It all depends on you: do not break the rules - do not lose money.

    How To Pack A First Aid Kit In A Car

    Collect a first aid kit for yourself and all other participants on the trip, even if you rent a car. Here's what we recommend taking:

    • Tablets from motion sickness
    • Remedies for fever and colds
    • Antiallergic drugs
    • Painkillers
    • Antiseptics
    • Preparations for the digestive system
    • Thermometer (preferably electronic)
    • Bandages for treating wounds and cuts
    • Cream for burns

    How To Organize Meals While Traveling

    Take some snacks with you: sandwiches, baked pies, boiled eggs. For a good trip, you can buy a cooler bag - then you can carry meat, cheese, and milk with you. Bring tea bags and instant coffee. If you are not a sharp opponent of instant noodles, you can take it. If you take fruits, then choose apples, oranges, and pears. Do not forget about dishes, a cutting board, and a tablecloth.

    To travel long distances, it is better to take more water. You can immediately pour ready-made tea and coffee into thermoses. If you have a wide-mouth thermos, you can use it for instant soup.

    Take something easy to "chew": cookies, nuts, bread, dried fruits. This will help fool your hunger to the next stop for a full meal.

    If you stop at roadside cafes, choose those places where someone is already refreshing, especially truckers - they know all the trump points of catering.

    How To Organize Meals While Traveling

    How To Create Comfort In The Car

    There are lots of things that will be helpful on the trip. Let’s count some of them:

    • Buy pillows for headrests. With them, the neck does not strain and you can take a nap.
    • Grab garbage bags so as not to litter the cabin and not to throw papers out the window.
    • In a separate bag, take a comfortable change of clothes for the trip: a hat to escape the sun, socks, and underwear to keep both you and your fellow travelers fresh.
    • Do not forget personal hygiene products: soap, wet and dry wipes, sanitizers, toilet paper, and deodorant.
    • Take a blanket - it will come in handy in the evening and at night.
    • If you are planning long passes, then take a tent, sleeping bags, a flashlight, dry fuel for making a fire, and mosquito repellent. However, all this is more likely for tourists with a rich experience of resting at sea by car.
    • If you are traveling with kids do not forget about activities for them because they can be easily bored. You can take books, toys, board games, or just download cartoons on your mobile or tablet.

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