How to Trim Pubic Hair For Men [Especially For Men]


    Trimming pubic hair is a difficult task to handle. You should always ensure that it is done carefully to prevent the after problems such as irritation, burns, among others. Below are a few steps to consider to ensure you get it the right way. Additionally, shaving a man's pubic hair needs a quality shaver, such as a trimmer for men's ball to shave the sensitive area.

    How to Trim Pubic Hair for Men

    Ensure That Your Tools Are Clean

    You should always ensure that you keep the tools used to trim the pubic area differently from others. Using one tool might cause infections. This helps from spreading infections to the areas around the public. Nevertheless, always ensure that before you starting shaving, wash the tools you are going to use. This can either be accomplished through soaking or rubbing them in alcohol. Alcohol tends to be a good detergent. Keep in mind that the scissors or razors you are going to use are sharp.

    Use A Lower Guard Setting

    Ensure that you place the lowest guard on the electric clippers you tend to use. In most instances, smaller clippers are commonly used as they are easy to work with on such a sensitive area. Besides, using a lower setting guard should be able to trim the pubic hair up to 0.125 in 3 mm or in a lesser length. Keep in mind that you should never shave your hair before trimming.

    This is because the curly hairs tend to get caught up in the razors, and it can turn out to be very painful. However, if you are used to using clippers, you can remove the quad altogether to achieve an even trim. Although this increases the chances of the risk of cutting your genitals. If you intend to shave and not trim, you can use a higher setting guard if desired.

    Make Smooth Movements

    First, you should start by standing upright. This minimizes the chances of accidents or injuries. Glide the clippers throughout the hair surrounding the genitals. And as you do this, hold the clipper in the dominant hand. Use the other hand to maneuver the penis and the scrotum out of the way of the clipper as you trim the hair. You should trim the public in the direction of its growth, for instance, cut downwards and slightly above the penis level. Trimming becomes easier if you put one leg at a time or the chair. It gives the shaving area some more space to reach the pubic hair.

    Trim Hair Around Your Penis And Scrotum

    Work carefully to ensure that you have trimmed all the hair that is surrounding this sensitive genitals. After you are done, take a minute and make circular motions on the shaft above your penis. Check if there is any hair remaining. Then use the other free hand to provide access to the area around your scrotum and carefully trim the hair around that spot.

    Ensure that when trimming, you try and create a flat area because your scrotums lose skin might end up being caught with the razor. Of course, you know what will happen! The painful sensation of injuries. At times it is easier to trim the hair on an erect penis.

    Use Alternatives

    Understandably, not all of us will own clippers. However, if you don't have a clipper, you can use a comb and scissors. These will do just perfect work like the clippers. Starting with the outer edge of the hair, you slide the teeth of the comb into the hair and then swiftly cut the hair using the scissors. Ensure that you are working against the growth of the hair. It is always recommended to the comb flat against the skin.

    Follow the same procedure as the one with the clippers. Scissors do a much better job too, but you have to be very careful while using them. Remember that the comb and scissors you are using to shave your pubic hair should not be used for shaving other parts. This reduces the risk of transmitting infections. Shaving genitals is not easy, but with the right procedure will help you reduce the risk of getting injuries. Now I think  now you clear about how to trim pubic hair for men. Enjoy!!!

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