How To Upgrade Your RC Car – A Complete Guide


    Radio-powered vehicles or RC cars can provide hours of fun right out of the box, but their performance is often lacking. Fortunately, all it takes is a few slight changes to make them even more thrilling. You can increase the power of the wheels and send the car off like a launch by adding a powerful lithium-ion battery in place of the regular battery that came with the car.

    You can increase the power of the wheels just by adding a powerful lithium-ion battery in place of the regular battery that came with the car. Other improvements, such as replacing motor gears, upgrading the RC car tires, etc will significantly improve the top speed and agility of your RC car. But, there are some other upgrades too. Let’s check that.

    Upgrade Your RC Car

    A Complete Guide How To Guide To Upgrade Your RC Car:

    To make this writing realistic, we will set up an example and upgrade that to understand fully. As an example, we will check traxxas rustler 4x4 vxl upgrades and understand from this.

    Replacing The Motor:

    The motor is one of the most important parts of RC cars. If you want to upgrade your RC cars, then you have to upgrade the existing motor. Brushed or brushless both electric motors are more powerful and more efficient than the other normal motors used in RC cars.

    Brushless motors are rated by Kv or “motor velocity constant”. This motor is more efficient if the Kv number is higher. If the car model has two motos set up, then changing both of the motors will be the best upgrade for more power.

    Installing A More Powerful Battery:

    Powerful Battery

    The second most important thing in an RC car is Battery. In spite of how well-equipped your RC car is. but if there is not a good powerful battery nothing goes right. You need to choose a battery with a higher voltage power. Ex.  Nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) lithium-polymer (Li-Po) battery, if you really want to go faster and run smoothly in the field.

    RC cars can run to a maximum of 100 mph or 160 km/h with exiting batteries. If you want to add more 15–20 mph (24.1–32.2 km/h) in your RC car, then you have to add a battery with a higher voltage power. This can help you to gain more power without making any other modifications.

    ESC Fan:

    ESC cooling fan can be a great upgrade to your RC cars. To keep your cool and boost its performance, an ESC cooler is a great option. ESC cooling fan keeps the ESC cool which boosts the performance of the ESC to the next level.

    Changing Tires or Wheels:

    Changing tires or wheels can be a good upgrade. Different kinds of tires help in different circumstances. Cars handling and performance depend on the tier.

    If you want to improve the handling and riding performance of your RC car, then you should upgrade the tires as well. Try mini spikes, if you're looking for a decent all-around tread. They achieve a good balance of power, control, and speed, and agility.

    Remove Excess Weight:

    Remove excess weight can be a great upgrade. If the car is very light, it will grave less traction and it could run faster. Removing the stock frame and alter it with aluminum or carbon fiber can reduce the weight of the car.

    These frames are more durable as compare to the stoke one. These frames reduce the weight on the wheels which means the car can go even faster. If there is any rust on the metal frame of your car, you need to remove it to get higher speed. Moreover, changing the stoke frame can be a great upgrade for more speed and more durability.

    LED Light Kit:

    RC Car Motor

    LED Light Kit can also be upgraded, if you want to look different from others. LED Light Kit helps you to look cooler and attractive. A small lighting change can make your car look more attractive and noticeable.

    Replace Cheap Ball Bearings:

    Most RC cars do not come with good ball bearings from the company. Upgrading ball bearings can be a great upgrade as well. The company-made ball bearings are not for high output performance.

    If you need a good performance from the car, you should change it. The after-market ball bearings are more capable to perform. They can spin faster than the stoke one which helps to boost the performance of the car.


    Riding an RC car is fun and if the car is upgraded. then the fun can be in the next level. You can easily upgrade your RC cars by following these steps. By upgrading your RC cars, you can get more power, more fun, and more excitement.

    You are not getting only more power but you are also getting more controlling and handling power too. Moreover, you will get more durability on the battery, and many more.

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