How To Use A Glass Bottle Cutter – Facts Others Won’t Tell You


    Cutting a glass bottle is not a big deal. So, why you are here?

    Well, you want to know and do something special, simple and easy with the bottles and glasses. Yes, you are in the right place. In this post, you can get some key ideas about using a bottle cutter to cut a glass. Before jumping to the key point, I would like to share some additional info.

    Cutting a bottle is possible even without a glass cutter. You can use number of traditional modes to reach your goal. Lots of people use freezers, blow torch and even oven to cut the bottles or glasses.

    How to use a glass bottle cutter

    But those are not safer and can often provide an undesired outcome. Using a bottle cutter will not let you down.

    Let me explain further.

    In this post, I’m sharing a perfect plan that will help you cut or break a glass smoothly. So, keep the other convoluted ideas aside.

    Moreover, you can do it at home too.

    How to use a Glass bottle cutter?

    You need to follow a couple of steps for this purpose. I am explaining them in five gradual steps.

    Step 1

    Prepare the bottle

    In this first step, you have to prepare the bottle that you want to cut or break. Make sure, the bottle is clean and the labels are peeled off properly. Use fresh and clean water to clean the inner portions of the bottle. After the cleaning, wipe the bottle with soft towel and make it completely dry.

    Small note: you can also remove the labels once the bottle is cut, if you cannot remove in the beginning.

    Step 2

    Set the cutting line

    In this second step, you have to measure the bottle point where you want to break or cut. To measure the bottle, set it on the glass bottle cutter. Get a complete mark. Ensure you rotate the bottle in a clockwise or anti-clockwise to get a clean mark of the cutter.

    Now check the bottle again and find out if the mark is complete.

    Step 3

    Submerge the bottle in water

    Now, you have to submerge the bottle in hot water. Make sure, the water is too hot. If you cannot manage too much hot water, you can use a kettle as well. An electric kettle is the best suited for this purpose.

    Sink the bottle deep into the water but make sure the marked portion or the cutting line is inside the kettle. Keep the bottle in the position for around ten minutes.

    After ten minutes, bring out the bottle and sink it to a bucket of ice. Cover the entire bottle with ice for around 15 minutes. When it is time, bring out the bottle and keep it under a water tap for five minutes. Check that the entire bottle gets the touch of water. Keep rotating the bottle.

    Step 4

    Bottle breaking

    If you follow the earlier stages, now this is the time to reap benefits of your efforts. Hold the bottle firmly in two hands. And break in the point where you had marked earlier. The bottle will break smoothly from the cutting line.

    Easy, isn’t it?

    Step 5

    Finishing of the edges

    Once all the processes are complete, you have to smoothen the edges of the bottle. Use a sandpaper for this purpose.

    Rub the bottle edge on the sandpaper as long it takes. It will help to bring a smooth finishing and there would be no sharp edges as well.

    After the rubbing, clean the bottle with water.

    You are done!

    Safety measures

    Though it appears a simple task, some safety hazards are associated with it. You need to work with sharp objects so you must be extra vigilant. Hence, you need to follow certain safety precautions. They are mentioned in brief here.

    Use safety gloves

    First of all, you have to use safety gloves. The glass is a sharp object. And it may damage your hands or the bare portions of your fist and fingers. Thereby, this is important to use gloves before the cutting. Moreover, touching a heated bottle with bare hands is not wise.
    It may create burn injuries. Even, you cannot hold a bottle or glass that is just brought from a freezing state. Thereby, use safety gloves before you start the process.


    Moreover, you also need to use googles, particularly while smoothening the glass/ bottle edge. The edges may turn into small splinters and hurt your eyesight. But wearing a pair of googles will help you remain safe.

    Proper marking

    Many of the rookies make this common mistake. They do not know the measurement of cutting line. Some of them cut the line deeper which result in easy breaking of the glasses in an unwanted shape. Therefore, you must check the cutting line that this is not so deep.

    Application of bottles/ glasses

    Now, this is time to share some interesting aspects. You can do lots of things with the portion of bottle or a glass. A list and short description will help you know more.

    Decorative pieces

    Glasses can make some wonderful decorative pieces. You can use the broken parts to decorate your living room and even they can raise beauty of your toilet. In fact, glass is always lucrative and can bring some positive decors around.

    Ordinary appliances

    Moreover, you can use the glasses for your ordinary purposes as well. You can use the bottles or glasses as lanterns or lamps. This is the most usual idea while you can use the glass as your pen holder or as a flower vase. Using the glasses as candle holders also will help to raise the beauty of your home.

    Last words

    Glass cutting is simple but there are hazards too. Besides, not all the bottles are safe to cut. In such cases, you have to pick another bottle for the purpose.

    So, follow the process mentioned above and make your decorative pieces using the broken glass pieces.

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