How To Use An Auger To Unclog A Toilet


    A toilet is very necessary for home and offices. But nobody likes a clogged toilet. It's so disturbing and embarrassing situation for everyone. A clogged toilet also spread nasty smell very quickly. So it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Nowadays emergency plumbers are way too expensive. So, before calling a plumber you should try a tool to unclog the toilet that works most of the time. That is a toilet auger.

    how to use an auger to unclog a toilet

    What is a toilet auger?

    The first question comes to our mind that what is this thing. A toilet auger is a special type of plumbing tools. This tool is a well-designed toilet clog repairer. A toilet auger unclogs a toilet by going inside the toilet through the pipe. It goes all the way in and pulls out all the clogs. An auger is about three feet long. Due to its long length, it can easily go through the drain pipe all the way in. it goes through the connecting plumbing pipes and collects the clogs.

    There are some special features that make a toilet auger different from other toilet snakes. It features a protective rubber sleeve. Due to this rubber sleeve, an auger does not leave any marks or damage the toilet's porcelain.

    As mentioned before emergency plumbers are quite expensive. But an auger for unclogging a toilet is budget-friendly. So, to unclog a toilet an auger may help you to save your pocket. Therefore, you can choose the best toilet auger for home use and unclog a toilet under an affordable price very easily.

    Parts of a toilet auger:

    1. A crank that is attached to the top of the handle. This part of the auger is directly connected to the cable. So you can use this to pull in or out the cable. You just need the pull up right up of the crank to pull the cable up. Turn the crank and it will push the cable as well.

    2. You’ll find a grip on the top of the handle. The grip is for stronghold while you crank the auger. It also has a clip to hang the auger while it is not in use.

    3. To ensure space from the toilet it has a long tube. Due to this tube, you can crank standing very easily. 

    4. Then an auger has a bowl guard. You need to insert in part of the auger into the entry point of the drain hole which is at the bottom of the toilet bowl.

    5. In this part, it has a long and flexible cable which is also known as a snake.

    6. At the end of the auger head, there is a spring. This spring used to hold the clogs and clogs can easily be pulled out.

    Things to do before using toilet auger:

    • If there is low water in the bowl of the toilet that the bottom bend of the auger handle is not submerging then add some water in it. Make sure that the water is not hot, hot water can crack the toilet bowl.
    • If there is a lot of water in the bowl then bail some water in a bucket. It will help you to prevent the splash of water.
    • To control the flow of water locates the value arm. Pull up the value arm to stop the water flow. If too much water is present on the bowl then it cloud makes a flood in your bathroom.
    • You can save a lot of time of you by just putting some old rugs or towel on the floor around the toilet bowl. Doing this the cleaning process will be short and easy for you.
    • Always avoid using chemicals before using an auger. That is because it can splash out and do harm to your skin.
    • Always use rubber gloves while using an auger to unclog a toilet.

    How to use an auger to unclog a toilet:

    1. First, hold the grip of the auger with one hand. Use your other hand to hold the crank. Now pull up the crank which is on the top of the handle. Keep doing that until the cables just goes up like that. The spring of the auger should be pressed against the bottom of the handle.

    2. Put the bend part of the auger inside your toilet bowl. Make sure that the spring is facing towards the drain side. Do this very gently.

    3. Push down the crank as far as you can. Keep doing that until you feel any stop or resistance there.

    4. After feeling any stop or resistance turn the crank in a clocking rotating motion. And continue to press down as well. Keep doing that process until the crank touches the handle. Simply, you need to push the cable all the way into drain pipe.

    5. When you found that the cable is stuck then pull up the cable a little bit. Crank the cable and then try to push it down again. Do that gently or else you may harm the toilet.

    6. If you feel any clog there rotate the crank in a clockwise motion and pull it up all the way out.

    7. You need to repeat the process several times to unclog the toilet properly. When the water in the bowl goes down it means the toilet is unclogged.

    8. When you feel that you have removed all the clogs then remove the auger from the toilet.

    9. Flash for few times and see that the water level is going down normally or not. If the water is doing down normally that means the toilet is unclogged now.

    Now when you unclogged the toilet you can put away the auger. But before putting it away wipe the auger properly. Remove all the debris from the cable and the spring.


    In the article we have tried to guide you about how to use an auger to unclog a toilet. Use these tips that are mentioned above and you can clean your clogged toilet very easily without making any damage to your toilet.

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