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10 Things To Consider Before Buying Hunting Video Cameras


    Are you looking forward to capturing live videos while hunting this season? Well, here are the top things that you should consider before buying your hunting video cameras. These cameras have varied features, and it can make your shopping a hassle. This guide will enable you to make the best choice.

    What is a hunting video camera?

    These are unique cameras used to film a hunt. Unlike other cameras, hunting cameras have unique features. These features include;

    • Smart focus
    • Best image stabilization
    • Lightweight
    • Water-resistant
    • Large zoom

    What is a hunting video cameras?

    There are three major types of these kinds of cameras. These cameras have suitable features that make them the best for filming hunts. These cameras are:

    • Action cameras
    • Camcorder
    • DSLR

    What are the essential things to look for in a good hunting video camera?

    Choose the best one with features that suit outdoor filming. Here are the elements that will tell you that your hunting video camera is good. They include:

    • Excellent resolution
    • Optical zoom
    • Unique sensors for lowlight conditions
    • USB and HDMI output
    • Good internal storage
    • Provisions for external storage
    • LCD and touch screen
    • Batteries

    Those things to consider in a good hunting video cameras

    1. Affordability

    Depending on your needs for a hunting video camera, you will be able to make your best choice. Filming cameras have prices ranging from below $200 to over $ 4000. All the cameras have features for outdoor filming. However, those with higher rates have upgraded features.

    2. Minimum video quality

    The quality of a video depends on the resolution of the camera. For you to get good quality images, you need to consider buying a good one. Standard resolution for a quality video is full HD or 1080p. If you have a reasonable budget, then go for 4K resolution for higher quality.

    3. Durability

    Since you will be filming in the wilderness, you need to choose a video camera with excellent built quality. To withstand outdoor conditions, your video camera must be:

    • Waterproof
    • Lightweight
    • Not made of plastic
    • Shockproof

    4. Batteries

    Batteries are very vital when filming a hunt. To avoid running short of power when shooting a quest, you need to consider buying a camera with a quality battery. Without compromising the quality of the video, a good battery should last for 2 hours. If you are filming for more hours, then you will need to carry extra batteries.

    5. Are you a first-time videographer or a professional?

    Not all filming cameras are suitable for first-timers. For starters, compact camcorders and action cameras are suitable. It is because;

    • They are easy to use
    • They are more convenient
    • They are more comfortable
    • DSLR is suitable for professionals

    6. Availability of extra features

    Do you want to get more quality videos? Some hunting filming cameras come with extra features. These additional features make hunting videos even more incredible. These features are:

    • IR sensors
    • Night vision capabilities
    • Remote controls
    • Geo-tagging
    • Wi-Fi

    6. Availability of extra features

    Though not very essential, these extra features are advantageous. The sensors and night vision capabilities will allow you to film in dimmer lights. Also, remote controls will enable you to take videos from a distance.

    7. Storage capabilities

    Videos require a lot of storage space. Therefore, a video camera with a functional internal storage space is the best. Moreover, you need to check for provisions for external storage such as;

    • Flash disks
    • Memory cards
    • Other useful drives

    8. Focus settings

    Video cameras have either manual focus or automatic focus settings. Before buying your camera, ensure that it has automatic focus settings. This feature makes filming more- easier.

    9. Zooming features

    There are two types of zooming in cameras. They are:

    • Optical zoom
    • Digital zoom

    The best video camera is one that has an optical zoom. It uses a lens to zoom the image. Hence, pictures come out clear even though they get are enlarged.

    10. Which image stabilization is the best?

    Filming hunts involve lots of movements. There are two types of IS (Image Stabilization). They are;

    • Digital image stabilization
    • Optical image stabilization

    For hunting filming cameras, digital image stabilization is suitable. For better stabilization, while walking, there are cameras with upgrades of this feature. These upgrades get termed as hybrid image stabilization or dynamic image stabilization.


    Make the right choice of hunting video camera today. Put into consideration all the features that will satisfy your needs of filming your hunt. Hunting season is approaching. You need an excellent one. There are several ones in the market, and this guide will be handy for you.

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