How Much Should I Cycle A Day To Lose Weight?


    If you want to be healthier, trimmer, lighter, and not to mansion, get fitter. Cycling is a great option you can add to your daily routine. Scientists found nearly 25 reasons to love cycling as an enjoyable activity. Also, it's more efficient and easy to slot in a busy day. Consequently, it works as a booster for physical and mental health.

    Particularly if you are trying to shed some eights to improving your fitness, you can gradually add this as a form of exercise. Undoubtedly it will improve your health condition if you are underline on it.

    So, how much should I cycle a day to lose weight? Or do you think we should stick to the whole day to lose weight? Definitely not. Whether you are doing outdoor cycling in country lanes or rippling along the mountain trails does not matter. The first thing you have to consider is cycling is fun. You can also perform indoor cycling via different exercise bikes, but you will not get the best output if you become bored with cycling.

    So, try to ride with friends or join any gym or club and make cycling a part of your daily life. In this way, you will actually forget you are exercising to reduce weight. Although it’s difficult to say the right “Number” of how many calories you will burn in a single day, I have made a rough estimation. It is given below, and it also depends on how frequently you cycle, your cycling intensity, weight, and diet plan.

    How Much Should I Cycle A Day To Lose Weight

    Cycling 30 Minutes A Day Weight Loss:

    Generally, if you 30 minutes a day and five days a week, you can expect 1500 calories to burn if your weight is around 125 pounds. But if you do less than 30 minutes say 15-20 minutes, and you have more weight, then you will burn 1200 calories per week. Make sure you can keep this activity level in a steady-state and increase cycling time slowly per week. It will help you to burn more calories in a month.

    Calorie Burn Estimation:

    Although I have given a rough calorie burn idea according to the cycling time, it truly depends on the weight of your body. If you are heavier, usually you will burn more calories. If you are 125 pounds and do 30 minutes cycling at 12 miles per hour, you will burn 240 calories.
    Whereas a 185 pounds person will burn nearly 360 calories. Again it may change if you increase or decrease the cycling speed. You can also prefer stationary cycling to lose weight faster.

    Cycling To Lose Weight Plan:

    So, I hope you are clear about calorie cycling timing. No single cycling will help you to meet your weight loss plan. Do you know one pound of fat consists of 3500 calories? So, if you at least want to lose 1 pound in a week, you have to do other activities with the cycling exercise.

    Here are some suggestions to meet your weight loss goal. If you can follow this, you will lose weight faster. Otherwise, you may feel exhausted, dizzy and your energy level may decrease. So, try to follow this to get a better result.

    Avoid Sugar And Focus On Lean Protein, Fruits, And Vegetables:

    I am not saying you can never have sugary chocolaty cake, snacks but it's better to avoid if you consider losing weight. Because sugar makes the good tasty and delicious, but usually it has very low nutritional value. Moreover, this sugar will store your body as fat and increase your weight. So, try to limit the intake of sugar-packed meals and shifted with some nuts, bananas.

    Because this whole fruit not only gives you dietary fiber but also makes your body healthier. But try to take raw fruits instead of smoothies, juices and add as much as you can. You should eat lots of fresh vegetables, fish, chickens, and lean proteins like pulses and beans with this. Furthermore, you should also choose some wholegrain carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, rye bread, oats that have high nutritional value with low calories. So, try to eat the high-quality right food and run efficiently to make your muscle strength.

    Eat Little And Avoid Overeating:

    After you finish a ride, if you eat more and make yourself beast, you are never going to lose weight. Instead, think your body is like an engine, and after a workout, it needs some vegetable protein-rich food to fuel up the body. It will also help you to run throughout the day.

    So, try to avoid overeating and eat little good food often, mostly every three to four hours. It will maintain a stable metabolism for a long time and constantly energize you for doing any work. Also, this will burn more calories slowly and make you healthy.

    Add Light Exercise And Interval Training To Your Routine

    Although cycling is a great exercise but to make it more effective regular interval training is highly needed. Suppose you can prefer cross-training to balance the heavy leg muscle activity. It will stretch your leg muscles and tendons and e unnecessary injury, pains, and aches.

    You can also do yoga and some freehand exercise such as the plank, push up, and twist, etc., to make your core muscle stronger. It will also help to flexible the muscle and burn more calories.

    For cycling keep the heart rate between 80-90 is necessary. For this, you can do high-intensity interval training to improve your cardiovascular activity. You can prefer cycling indoors if the weather is bad or you don’t have the mood to move outside. Nowadays, you can get different smart trainers with indoor cycling apps to make your workout more realistic.

    So, you can follow some essential steps to repair your body muscle and give yourself the best and best chance to lose weight with cycling. So, try to maintain the gradual process and enjoy your lifestyle.

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