Impact Driver Vs Impact Wrench – Ultimate Tools Tips

    Impact drivers and impact wrenches are two of the most important and outstanding power-tools nowadays. Most of us think that these are the same tools. Both of the tools have certain similarities but there are some key differences that make them different from each other.

    I have personally used both of the tools and in this article, I am going to tell you the differences between these two power-tools (impact driver Vs impact wrench) from my personal experience.

    impact driver Vs impact wrench

    Impact Driver Vs Impact Wrench - Ultimate Comparison

    According to impact driver and impact wrenches are two different identical tools. Though they are used for a quite similar quality of work, there are significant differences between the applications also.

    To know the differences between these two power-tools, at first, we need to know about them and their application. That’s exactly what we are going to do in the following article.

    Impact Driver

    The impact driver is a complete power-tool. It can produce high torque with hammering blows on the material in an axial direction. So, the tool makes both rotational and axial movement. An internal impact mechanism helps it to perform like that.

    This power-tool is very helpful for professionals in their workplace. It is so easy to control that an amateur can also use this very easily.

    Impact drivers can drive screws and fasteners into material easily. One can easily pull them out also by just reversing the switch. This is the basic use of the power tool. You can also drill holes with an impact driver.

    Now, you may think, all these works can be done with a drill also. So, what’s the point of using an impact driver? Yes, drills can do them also, but impact drivers are more powerful than the drills. So, you will be able to do the work quickly and easily.

    Another reason why we use impact drivers rather than drill is, drills only use rotation power but impact drivers use rotation and hammering. This makes the tool more efficient.

    Use Of An Impact Driver

    An impact driver can tighten and loosen the fastener. It can also drill a hole with a hexagonal shank bit.

    It can also drill a large size screw deep into a hardwood easily. You cannot drill large screws with a cordless drill.

    It is very easy and comfortable to handle. It will not put much pressure on your arms and wrist.

    Impact Wrench

    You can see an impact wrench most of the time in a garage. It is a very essential tool there. They are basically, air impact wrenches.
    Impact wrenches can produce very high rotations. It is a very powerful tool. if you add the power of an impact driver and cordless wrench, it will not come closer to the power of an impact wrench. With this very powerful tool, you can easily open the hard frozen nuts, rusted bolt, etc. you can also tighten them and so many other large size nuts and bolts also.
    • Comparison between an impact driver and impact wrench
    • There are some differences between these power-tools. Such as:
    • Impact drivers run by electricity or battery. On the other hand, impact wrenches run by air or electricity.
    • Drivers use ¼ inch hexagonal sockets and wrenches use ½ inch square shafts.
    • The basic working principle of an impact driver is rotation and axial hammering where an impact wrench does it with rotation only.
    • You can drive screws deep and make holes with a driver. But wrenches are used to tighten or loosen lug nuts and heavy bolts.
    • An impact driver can be used in DIY, home improvement, and construction purposes. But an impact wrench is used in auto repair, assembling heavy equipment and maintaining large construction.

    Another thing everyone should know; an impact driver can produce 2000 inch-lbs of power. But an impact wrench can produce 15000 inch-pounds. So, it is hard to control that huge amount of power. If you use an impact wrench in household works, such as tightening a small bolt or nut, the nut can become excessively tight.

    So, be careful before using any of these power-tools.


    Though the outlook is quite similar to these two tools e.g. impact driver vs impact wrench, they do different types of work. They also generate different amounts of power. Impact drivers and impact wrenches are perfect for their own field of work. So, just use them for the works, which they are made for.

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