Indulge In Bath – Time Luxury With These 8 High-End Tubs


    Do you enjoy quiet times of relief and the breathtaking feeling that comes with soaking in a bathtub? Well, there are different high-end tubs you can choose from and get to benefit from luxurious soaks.

    Perhaps you're one of those who only take showers and have not considered the luxurious baths. It's high time you need to discover the secret of having a bathtub in your bathroom.

    Try and reflect on how taking a hot bath can relax your whole body. It's even more therapeutic when you spend around 30 minutes soaking in a hot-watered bathtub.

    It's not a surprise that many people are now revamping their bathrooms to add bathtubs. Thankfully, bathtubs are now available in a wide array of shapes and sizes. There are modern bathtubs, and also the vintage tub designs. Thus, you have the freedom to choose what you want.

    High-End Tubs

    Modern designers are also up to the game. They're now coming up with stylish tubs you don't want to miss. They want to ensure that you choose the design that will suit your bathroom. The designers also aim to give you the most pleasurable bath you've always desired.

    One tub design that's now in fashion is the modern clawfoot tubs. They are a type of standalone bathtubs, which are very convenient. This is because you can place them anywhere within the bathroom. Most of these bathtub models can fit seamlessly with your bathroom decor and accessories.

    Some of the claw feet tub options you can go for include:

    • Fiberglass clawfoot tubs
    • Acrylic clawfoot tubs
    • Clawfoot tubs with showers
    • New clawfoot tubs
    • Vintage clawfoot bathtub

    Perhaps purchasing a tub is what is in your mind now. Maybe you've even put it down on your "to-get" bathroom list. Here are some impressive details about 8 high-end bathtubs that you can use to indulge in bath-time luxury. Let's find out.

    1. Alcove Tub Design

    Alcove Tub Design

    The Alcove tub is also identified as the three-wall-alcove design. This is a practical bathtub style that combines both form and functionality. They're designed purposely for convenience.

    The tubs come with a showerhead located towards the top. This tub style is found in many homes in modern times. Most people like it because the alcove tubs are a perfect fit for tiny spaces.

    Hence, they're ideal for those with smaller homes and apartments. And, you still get to enjoy all the benefits associated with a tub.

    The 2 types of alcove tubs are:

    • Simple alcove tub
    • Elaborate luxury alcove tub

    2. Freestanding Tubs

    Freestanding Tubs

    There are various types of freestanding tubs. Generally, the modern freestanding tubs are designed with striking visual appeal to enhance your bathroom's aesthetic value.

    Most people like these tubs because of the convenience factor. You can place them close to walls or towards the centre of your bathroom. Whichever place you choose will depend on your preference and style.

    The bottom line is that; when strategically placed, they create a unique focal point and visual stimulation. Adding brushed metal or chrome faucet accents to the tub can create an exceptionally modern and contemporary design.

    One main type of freestanding tub is the clawfoot tub. The claw feet tubs are outstanding in form, beauty, and function. A unique type is the vintage clawfoot bathtub. They're ideal for those who value the traditional bathroom setups.

    Once you have this tub design, it adds an immediate vintage charisma to your bathroom. Hence, you get to enjoy your bath in attractive surroundings.

    Clawfoot slipper tubs are similar in design to the other freestanding tubs. It's just that they have some unique, admirable features like:

    • The elaborate clawed feet
    • Lovely sloping curves on the deep and high walls of the bathtub
    • Plenty of open space beneath the tub for ease of accessibility and cleaning

    Other types of freestanding tubs include:

    • The addition of the feet creates both visual and functional space between the floor and the tub's bottom.
    • The high walls allow for deeper immersion, comfort, and relaxation.

    The bathtub with claw feet benefits you in many ways, including:

    • The modern solid base freestanding tub
    • Round soup bowl freestanding tub
    • Freestanding tub in an alcove

    3. Drop-In Tubs

    Drop-In Tubs

    They're also known as in-built or platform or deck-mounted tubs. These bathtubs have a drop-in design and function, where the deck or platform is usually mounted in. The drop-in tubs are a standard design for whirlpool tubs and air tubs.

    With this bathtub design, you get to benefit from a high-end and luxurious feel, much like in a spa. The tub's deep soaking functionality is fantastic for your utmost relaxation.

    Other essential features associated with the tub includes:

    • Premium bearings
    • Slide scoring units that are mounted on each side
    • No-slip grip handles that contain rod safety caps

    4. The Undermount Tubs

    Undermount tub styles are the same as the drop-in tub styles. The only difference is that the rim is covered, unlike the drop-in tub.

    Stone and tile materials are used in covering the rim of the undermount tubs. The tub itself is positioned on a supportive deck on a floor structure.

    The undermount tubs bring about a spa-like aesthetic and give you a luxurious feel. They're also durable and easy to clean.

    5. Hot Tubs

    The tub is typically made with air jets that give pleasurable, deep-soaking for a whole-body relaxation. Those with achy joints and muscles can get relief from hydrotherapy. The tub makes your bathroom the ultimate spa-and-resort place.

    For more ambience, you can surround your tub with luxurious features like;

    • Tiled walls
    • Marble floor
    • Panoramic windows

    All the above are popular decor elements that can accompany the hot tubs.

    6. Walk-In Tubs

    A walk-in tub has a watertight door and seat that enables you to step over a low threshold and into the tub. The accessible tub design makes it easier and more secure to enter and exit the tub. This is beneficial to people of all ages.

    Those with mobility issues also get to experience safe and more relaxed bathing. As a result, they can be independent and continue bathing themselves comfortably.

    Hence, a walk-in tub is a remarkable way to upgrade your bathroom into a safer, more comfortable atmosphere. It also allows you to enjoy endless therapeutic bathing moments.

    7. The Japanese Tubs

    The Japanese soaking tub style offers you a calming and pleasurable bath. You get the same experience you're likely to find in a spa or resort.

    The tub style has gentle sloping walls that form a striking visual appeal. It's one of the most attractive tub designs in the modern-day.

    The Japanese soaking tubs somewhat differ from the Western tub styles in that bathing isn't done inside the tub. Instead, you bathe in the shower and then enter the tub for a calming soak. You get to have the feel-good moments of unwinding that everyone could desire.

    8. Stone Resin Tubs

    Stone resin tubs are made of crushed natural stone bonded with adhesive. If you love a bathroom with a natural look, then this is for you.

    It offers a composite material, which looks and feels like natural stone. The resin provides high durability. Furthermore, the tub material is non-porous and excellent in retaining heat.

    However, there aren't many style choices with stone resin tubs. This is when compared to other bathtub materials in the market.

    Bottom Line

    Tubs are a great way to enhance the aura in your bathroom. Additionally, a report by British researchers indicates that sitting in a hot-water bath for some time helps reduce body inflammation. It may also control blood sugar levels the same way exercises do. This is particularly beneficial for those who hardly go out to exercise.

    Basically, heat and water therapies, including hot baths and saunas, have been an area of scientific research for many years. Studies done sometime back discovered that heat therapy could enhance blood circulation and vascular function. This may reduce the stiffening of the blood vessels and also help in lowering blood pressure.

    So, why not go for a high-end tub style of your liking and start enjoying all these benefits? You have all the best tubs discussed above. The choice is now yours!

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