Industrial Shredder Basics: Different Types and Their Uses


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The industrial shredder is an essential part of many businesses. However, what you may not realize is there are an array of different shredders, not all of them shred paper.

In fact, the best industrial shredders are capable of shedding an impressive number of materials, such as plastic, corrugated boxes, and even beverage containers. A modern industrial shredder is a highly advanced piece of technology. With little maintenance it can shrink the size of your waste, making it more cost-efficient to send it for recycling or as waste.

Industrial Shredder Basics

It is worth noting that most industrial shredders are specially designed for specific materials. The shredding process is usually the first stage in returning the material to its basic form, allowing it to be effectively recycled. In short, industrial shredders don’t just save companies money, they are also an essential part of the environmental process. They help to ensure things are re-used instead of becoming landfill.

Plastic Shredders

Plastic shredders come in several formats. They can grind, chip, granulate, or even shear the material depending on what you want to do with the plastic afterward. All you have to do is feed the plastic in.

The grinder will pulverize the plastic while the chipper turns it into small flakes of plastic. Both of these allow the plastic to be compacted and moved more easily. But, if you’re looking to efficiently recycle, you need to be using a granulator.

Tire Shredders

There is an abundance of tires that are no longer useable. Fortunately, there are several types of tire shredders that will help to turn old tires into landfill cover, fuel for boilers, or even rubberized asphalt. That’s just a few of the potential applications.

It is worth noting there are several types of tire shredders:

1. Shear

These work at low speed and effectively cut the tires into small pieces, in the same way, that the paper shredder does.

2. Specialty

This also tears tires into tiny pieces but it does it with high torque and they are usually custom-designed for specific purposes.

3. Grinding

The grinding shredder can be used at high or low speeds and literally crushes the tires with a combination of plates, wheels, and drums.

4. Chipping

This also uses drums and wheels but on a rotavating basis to transform the tire into small chips, particularly useful for asphalt.

5. Granulating

These make the finest of all particles and use a simple knife mechanism.

Paper Shredders

The more traditional paper shredder uses blades to cut documents into small pieces. Standard shredders may only use one set of blades while security shredders will use several. This turns the paper into tiny pieces and makes it extremely difficult to put them back together again.

Industrial paper shredders can handle huge volumes of paper, allowing them to be shredded, compacted, and then processed back into paper or something else.

The majority of shredders use the same mechanism to perform the same task, shrinking the material and making recycling easier. In other words, they are an essential part of any commercial process.

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