Exploring Kitchen Remodel Cost and Simple Facelift Options


    A dated appearance and distressed fixtures can make your kitchen a boring place to work. That's why you can be looking for ideas for both larger and smaller upgrades to figure out the best way to rejuvenate your cooking zone. Well, proper planning can save your time and money while ensuring desirable results.

    As per studies, minor changes in a kitchen remodeling project can cost USD$ 26,214, while full-scale renovation with luxury fittings can be achievable for USD$ 149,079. Still, you can discuss it with your family and friends living in the same area as you for a more accurate idea. Or, you can enquire about these things from someone who recently did it. Anyway, here is an overview of things that contribute to the effectiveness of this project.

    Kitchen Renovation Cost Factors

    Kitchen Renovation Cost Factors

    Exploring Kitchen Remodel

    Many things will impact your endeavor in terms of budget and time. One of them is kitchen size. Quite logically, a bigger kitchen would cost more than the smaller one. Still, on average, you can estimate the remodeling cost to be anywhere from USD$ 75 to USD$ 250 per sq ft. Do you wish to expand your kitchen space by moving a wall or two? Since this activity can ruin the ceiling and floors, the expenses would automatically jump up.

    Another common feature can be cabinets in a refreshed kitchen. The cost would vary based on its quality. Experts say that these can consume as much as 35% of your total cost. For affordable options, you can lean on mass-produced stock cabinets available in regular sizes. Slightly higher but still cost-effective designs can be semi-custom ones. Again, you cannot expect much with sizes and shapes. But you can get choices in finishes and colors. Finally, the most expensive custom models will offer immense flexibility with materials, finishes, shapes, and styles. You can take a call on this based on your affordability.

    Other than them, there will be a cost for plumbing, flooring, wall covers, appliances, countertops, lighting, etc. Are you looking for sleek farm sink finishes to upgrade your kitchen aesthetics and functions? Then, you can add this also to your budget. Nevertheless, there will be charges for permits, repairs, change requests, and disposals.

    Ways To Ensure Cheaper Kitchen Redo

    It can be surprising to learn that lower-budget kitchens garner more ROI than expensive endeavors. If you wish to keep your cost down, you can resort to your DIY skills. If you need, you can hire a contractor to assist you. Don't get stuck with options when you have plenty to choose from and implement.

    A marble countertop can be your first preference, but the price can hinder it. You can save money without compromising the attractiveness of the surface by opting for a cost-efficient granite model, for instance. Besides these, you can upscale or refinish furniture items in the kitchen.

    Elaborate Kitchen Facelift Ideas

    Elaborate Kitchen Facelift Ideas

    As hinted at previously, minor changes can also do the trick. Suppose your kitchen has bulky cabinets close to the window. It can be an eyesore for blocking the openness of the area. At the same time, natural light may not get easy passage due to this. You can pull them down to install open shelving. Other cabinets can get a new paint for a revival of their energy. If you are in a mood to splurge, changing doors, hardware, and countertop can be the thing.

    Currently, shaker doors are popular. So, you can build ceiling-height cabinets with shaker doors and pair them with sleek-looking hardware. If you choose white doors, the hardware can be black or gold to add glamour. Nevertheless, the cabinets that rise to the ceiling can look better with crown molding to fill the gap between them.  For kitchen islands, natural blonde wood and floating shelve designs are getting the most attention for their ability to infuse warmth. These elements make your kitchen more welcoming.

    Since painting can also lift the whole vibe of the place in a snap, it makes sense to go for it. If you are not comfortable with coloring the entire kitchen, you can start work with the cabinets. Upper cabinets in some other colors and lower ones in some others are trending in the kitchen. You can follow this path too. The upper cupboards should match the wall color to make your kitchen look spacious, while the ones on the bottom can wear a contrasting appearance.

    You can fit cabinets with glass doors. Such features allow you to showcase your prized collection elegantly and efficiently. For shelving, planks can make the better option. These look trendy too.

    No matter what you choose, you cannot miss out on the finishing part. Sand them properly. Some DIYers use floor varnish on these fittings for strength. Or, you can color the doors without touching frames and sides. This make-over will also have its unique appeal.

    Make sure to tag each door and drawer with dimensions when you remove them. Otherwise, you can get confused with what to install where. It can unnecessarily eat into your time and energy.

    Also, if you plan to refinish old cupboards, remove the old melamine until the raw MDF appears. Another critical point is cleaning. Unwanted grease or film can prevent paint from drying properly. You have to get rid of that.

    No renovation or facelifting work is easy, to be honest. However, your approach, planning, and budgeting can reduce the pressure. If you are clear about your expectations and goals from the beginning, the process may not feel as exhausting as it sounds. Many things can be fun to do as well.

    Hence, you must identify your needs, prepare your budget, and gather all the resources required for your type of project before getting started. If you don't want to involve yourself in this, it is okay. You can hire local talent and negotiate. Just remember that going too hard on this can somewhere affect the quality of the work. That's why it is better to be practical in this matter.  Negotiate as much only as essential.

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