What Should You Know About a Fish Finder Rig?


    Beach or surf fishing is a popular sporting activity enjoyed by people around the world. In the US, there are about 54.7 million people who participate in recreational fishing. A fish finder rig is one of the simplest surf rigs available that can help increase your catch rate.

    If you are a novice attempting to get your head around different fish finders, read on to learn how to tie and use one of the most effective rigs used in surf fishing.

    What Should You Know About a Fish Finder Rig

    What is a Fish Finder?

    A fish finder is a rig that starts with a simple hook attached to a leader tied to a barrel swivel. There is a bead, a plastic slider on the mainline, and a pyramid sinker at the end.

    The fish finder is an effective rig because it presents the bait as naturally as possible to the fish. Depending on the length of the leader, the bait can move around freely. The pyramid weight further adds to this illusion by creating a 'puff' of sand as the rig reaches the bottom.

    How to Tie a Fish Finder Rig?

    The main components of the rig are:

    • Hook
    • Leader
    • Bead
    • Sinker Slider
    • Sinker

    Choose a circular hook to increase your chances of catching any fish. The ideal length of the leader is between 2 and 3ft, and it should also be sturdy enough to prevent ripping.

    Ensure that you use a bead to avoid contact between the slider and sinker. Use a quality slider and sinker for the rig to perform its job under solid currents as well.

    To tie the fish finder rig, follow the below steps:

    • Start with the hook, attach it to the snap end of the leader
    • Run the mainline first through the sinker slider and then the bead
    • Now, connect the other end of the leader and the mainline by making a clinch knot
    • Attach the sinker to the sinker slider

    You can choose to make the rig on your own or buy a readymade rig. The advantage of making your own rig is that you can purchase variations of the components and customize the rig according to where you are fishing.

    How to Use a Fish Finder Rig?

    A fish finder works best in clear areas of the sea bed. The type of bait you use, for example, live or artificial, depends on where you are fishing. For example, if you are on the east coast, you could use herrings or sardines as bait.

    Start by casting and letting the weight sink to the bottom. You can let the current pull the bait, or you can pull against the sinker to create puffs. Once a fish bites the bait, give them a little slack and let them swim with the bait, as that is when you tighten into the fish.

    A fish finder rig is an effective tool to help you catch various fish species, whether you are a beginner to beach fishing or an expert angler. The design provides excellent mobility and closely mimics the bait's natural form. Learning to tie and customize this rig can significantly improve your surf fishing experience.

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