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Everything You Need To Know About Pool Cue


    Are you a real pool lover? If yes, then you know the importance of the cue for playing pool. It is true that you cannot play pool without cue and it is also true that you cannot win the pool game without a perfect cue. Choosing the right cue is not so easy, to choose the right pool cue for yourself you need to have proper knowledge of pool cue. Here in this piece of information about pool cue, i am going to discuss A to z about pool cue. To know about pool cue don’t stop reading.

    Different parts of the cue:

    Pool cue tip

    The tip is the part of the pool cue which used to hit the cue ball. The tip is the most crucial part of the pool cue. Do you know why? Because your performance on the pool depends on it. It doesn’t matter how expert you are in the pool if you play pool with a cue which tip is not perfect then you will experience decreased in your performance.

    Tip of the pool cue can be found in different sizes; most of the tip size is 13mm. The maximum size of the tip is 14mm, and the minimum size is 11mm. In the sense of hardness, there are two types of tip which are the hard tip and soft tip. If you want to hit the cue ball hard, then you should choose a hard tip. On the other hand, if you are going to hit the cue ball softly, then you should select a soft tip. However soft tip is better than a hard tip when it comes to controlling your shot.

    The ferrule

    Ferrule located underneath the tip, it works to reinforce the tip when you make a shot. It also helps to reduce vibration while making a shot. Is ferrule is crucial like the tip? The ferrule is not the concern for most of the pool player, but champions make sure that the ferrule is consistent. Most of the ferrule comes in two colors which are white and black.

    The shaft

    The shaft is the long piece of the two-piece pool cue. The shaft usually made by wood but you can find shaft made of fiberglass. If you want to hit hard shot from the cue, then make sure that shaft is made from hardwood. On the other hand, if you're going to hit the soft shot, then you can choose a cue made by softwood. However, softwood is useful for maintaining the consistency of the shooting.

    The joint collar

    The joint collar used to join the butt and shaft of the cue. The joint collar is a combination of plastic and silver ring. Do know why the joint collar is essential? Because it provides stability which is needed while shooting the cue ball. If the joint collar is weak, then your shot will be dropped.

    Wrap of the cue

    A wrap is used to hold the cue more comfortably. Some pool players don’t like it, and they love the natural handle of the cue, most of the wrap made of from leather. I like to use wrap because it helps hold the cue firmly.

    Bumper of the cue

    The bumper is the last part of the cue. The bumper is made of from rubber. What is the importance of the bumper? Bumper used to absorb the shock that comes after hitting the ball. The bumper also helps to save the cue from taping.

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    Ultimate tips for choosing a perfect pool cue

    Playing pool is fun, but if you start playing pool with an unperfected cue, then your fun will be diminished. Is choosing the right cue easy? No, there are lots of pool cue available in the market, and it is tough to choose the right one from them. To make your job easier here i am going to share some tips that will come in handy for selecting the right pool cue for yourself.

    • First, find out the required length of your cue. If your height is 5.8 feet to 6.2 feet, then you can choose a 58″ pool cue. Most of the people uses 58″ pool cue. If your height is more than 6.5 feet, then you have to order your pool cue personally.
    • The weight of the pool cue is between 17 to 21 ounces. At the start you can choose 19 ounces cue, then you can change it according to your needs.
    • The wrap is another vital thing you should check before choosing your pool cue. The wrap helps to hold the cue firmly if your hand sweat while making the shot. If your hand sweat then chooses nylon wrap, don’t select rubber wrap if your hand sweat.

    Final words

    Above i mentioned crucial tips which will help you to choose the right cue. Selecting the right cue was difficult for you, after reading this piece of information i hope you can choose perfect cue for yourself. Let me know which pool cue you picked in the comment box below.

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