Living Nashville Tennesse vs Houston Texas

Living Nashville, Tennesse vs Houston, Texas – Apartment Rents and Others


    Today we are comparing the Living Nashville, Tennesse vs Houston, Texas status between two of the popular cities in the USA, Nashville and Houston.

    Nashville, the city of Tennessee is known for its musical diversity and named the “Songwriters capital in the World” while Houston, a significant city of Texas is well known for its diverse ethnicity and cultural history.

    Let’s start the Comparisons.

    Living Nashville Tennesse vs Houston Texas

    Average Home Or Apartment Rent

    The average rent of Nashville apartments is quite close to Houston. Houston has the same average home rent as the country’s overall average which is $1,470, however, Nashville is a bit higher having $1,561.

    For a studio apartment, both cities carry the same renting amount of $887. To rent a 2-bed Apartment, we notice the reverse scenario. Here Houston has a higher rate of  $1,208 while Nashville’s average 2-bed apartment rent is $1,181.


    Certainly, Houston is a big city with having already established economy while Nashville’s economy is still growing but it’s improving rapidly. If you are looking to settle in an economically strong area then living in Houston is the right decision for you.

    • GDP: Houston - 341$ billion and Nashville - 81$ billion
    • Unemployment Rate: Houston - 5.6% and Nashville - 6.6%

    12 of American Billionaires are living in Houston while 2 live in Nashville.


    Houston owns a larger population count of around 2.09 million and Nashville has as lower as .06 million people. The density of population much higher in Houston, however, Nashville has a moderate one which is 1510 people/km² and 460 people/km² respectively.

    Nashville is quite ahead of Houston regarding the number of young people which is a good sign for future development. The median age of Nashville is 34.2 years and Houston is 37.1 years.

    Quality Of Living

    As we mentioned earlier that the unemployment rate in Houston is 1% lower than the Nashville you will have a better job experience in the city of Texas. Both cities carry public healthcare. Both cities have the same Big Mac Index score which is 4.07$. The murder rate is significantly higher in Houston than in Nashville which is 13% and 9% respectively.


    Both cities are hot in summer and sometimes unbearable. But Houston is sometimes extreme in the case of hot weather. The average maximum temperature in Houston is 26.5°C while in Nashville the average maximum temperature is 21.2°C. Nashville doesn’t have a seaside beach but Houston has the beach which is a blessing for people.

    Both Nashville and Houston don’t have mountains but have lakes. The average minimum temperature is 15.6°C in Houston and 9.7°C in Nashville.

    Leisure and Entertainment

    Definitely, I recommend Nashville if you are a true lover of the modern lifestyle having lively bars, coffee shops, concerts, music, etc. Though in the case of sports facilities, Houston is completely ahead of Nashville.

    Finally, everything is big in Texas, Houston is not an exception. But the economy and development of Nashville are super booming and a lot of opportunities are going too introduced in this city of Tennessee. This is now your turn, which city is your next destination to settle in?

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