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    Every fisherman out there understands pretty well how awful it feels the moment you go about fishing with zero results. Well, there could be many reasons to that with one of them being lacking a good quality fish finder needed for a successful fishing adventure. For that reason, we bring you the lowrance hook 7 fish finder that will completely revolutionize your fishing sessions. To start us up is a quick table highlighting some of the exciting features you will get to learn about in the lowrance hook 7 Fish Finder review.

    lowrance hook 7 review

    Details of Lowrance Hook 7 Fish Finder Review


    7″ diagonal




    16 channels


    800 x 480




    500 watts Max

    Power Input:


    Lowrance Hook 7 Review Points

    You can only be able to make an informed decision on purchasing this fish finder if only you get to know more about its exciting features. Below is a detailed about lowrance hook 7 that will educate on all the incredible features you will get to experience one you decide on making the unit your number one fish finder.


    One of the important features that anglers always look for in fish finders is the GPS capability. This is because GPS enables you to save up locations that are pretty productive and plotting your next course as well. Moreover, the GPS feature comes loaded with over 3000 built in fishing lakes and rivers. Furthermore, it is designed with room for upgrading further by buying some more maps and charts of fishing rivers and lakes. Some of the world wide fishing maps you can purchase include the Jeppesen C-MAP MAX_N maps, fishing hot spots pro and the US Navionics. Moreover, the feature also gives you access to the Insight Genesis Technology that helps you in creating personalized maps of your favorite fishing locations.


    The display of the hook enables you to know the size of the fish you are aiming at and any other circumstances at hand. For that reason your fish finder needs to have a well-designed display that will give your readings clear. This Lowrance hook comes with a 7˝inch backlight display that allows the angler to read it clearly even under direct sunlight or when it’s late in the night.

    With the 800×480 pixel matrix featured on the display, you are able to get a view of faint objects deep down in the lake or the river. In addition is the multi-window feature that allows you to view different displays at a go. Note that the main screen is the one that feeds you with all the important data like the temperature of the water body and the depth too.

    CHIRP Sonar:

    For enhanced scanning of the fish in your fishing area, this Lowrance hook is designed with a CHIRP sonar featuring a downscan imaging that provides you with the best view ever under the water. The CHIRP sonar has 83/200 kHz frequency while the downscan imaging comes with frequencies ranging from 455 and 800 kHz. One good thing with this CHIRP sonar is that it is compatible with most transducer brands available in the market.

    Furthermore, with CHIRP sonar you are able to have a clear view of up to 1000 ft. While the down scan imaging has a remarkably lower view of up to 300 ft. Finally, the sonar feature also comes with a trackback feature which allows fishermen to recheck the sonar detection for recognition of any catch that may have been missed in the first round. Moreover, it is also quite crucial for locating particular objects down the water body that should be avoided by fishermen.

    Maps and Charts:

    One key to successful fishing for an angler especially those that are new in the activity is having maps and charts that help them in identifying the major fishing hot spots. This one of a kind Lowrance hook 7 brings you various maps and charts to make your fish finding activities easier. One thing you will love with the charts is that they not only provide surface details but they also plot the locations right to the bottom of the identified fishing lakes and rivers.

    Advanced Signal Processing:

    If you have been fishing for a while, you definitely are aware of how cumbersome it normally is trying to make manual adjustments of the settings while at the same time making efforts to capture your target. With this in mind, Lowrance brings this fish finder with an advanced signal processing that makes automatic adjustments such that you can entirely keep your focus on trapping your target while the necessary adjustments occur by default.

    Ease of Use:

    Imagine having a fish finder where you spend much of your attention trying to figure it out during your angling sessions? It could be quite time wasting. In case you are having related worries on how to use Lowrance Hook 7, you need not to be mindful anymore because the unit is designed with the easiest to use control panel ever.

    It is pretty simple to use since all the basic adjustment options like the zoom, enter or the menu buttons are easily readable. Moreover, if you just bought the unit for the first time it’s always a good idea to go through the user’s manual because it will make it more user-friendly than you imagined. Just to wrap it up, the control panel will require you a simple one finger operation once you familiarize yourself with the unit.


    Being able to navigate correctly while fishing is one ideal way to getting your intended catch during your fish finding activities. With this Lowrance fish finder you won’t have to worry about navigation accuracy since all the navigation techniques set here are quite reliable. Starting from the GPS feature to the track back function; your navigation needs are well taken care of.

    Sturdy Mounting:

    This Lowrance Hook 7 also features a strong horizontal mounting that’s pretty simple to handle. On that, you got your back fully covered.

    Highlighted features:

    • Advanced signal processing for an advanced user convenience
    • 7 inch display screen that provides clear readings
    • Maps and charts for fishing hotspots
    • CHIRP sonar and down scan imagining
    • Built-in GPS for locating fishing hotspots
    • Maps and charts upgrade options available


    • CHIRP sonar designed along provides top accuracy in locating fish at the bottom of the lake or river.
    • With a built in GPS, this fish finder provides you with 3000 fishing locations with hot spots included.
    • The fish finder comes along with maps and charts indicating the most favorable fishing locations.
    • You don’t have to stick to the 3000 in-built locations provided since the Hook 7 provides an option for additional downloaded maps and charts.
    • The Hook 7 fish finder features sturdy mounting hardware that does its job efficiently.


    • Doesn’t include the unit cover for protection.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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    2. Should I leave the fish finder on my boat when am done with fishing?

    3. Does the unit feature a cover?

    4. Can I add some more apps into the unit other than the ones that are in-built?

    Our Verdict

    If you have been looking for that perfect solution to transforming your fishing performance, the Lowrance Hook 7 is all you need. With the lowrance hook 7 fish finder review above, you now know that it carries everything a committed angler would need for serious fishing sessions. You are definitely going to love the auto adjust capability that will enable you stay focused on making the best out your fishing moments and the GPS feature that exposes you to thousands of favorable fishing locations around you. Wholesomely, the Lowrance Hook 7 is a great fish finder and it will help you have fishing sessions that are worth looking forward to.

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