LS2 Helmets Strobe Solid Modular Motorcycle Helmet Review


Here you come for checking ls2 modular helmet review. Before that you need to know something about helmet. Bike helmets are crucial when you are on the road.  For a biker, the proper helmet means you take a short time putting it on and taking it out.

 It has to be of high-quality after series of extensive testing. Bikers can testify that most of the available helmets cause neck pains after putting them on for a long time. This helmet stands out thanks to aerodynamic construction; it is lightweight making it easy to wear and comfortable to put on for longer.

ls2 modular helmet

It is suitable for bikers who prefer to either enjoy the brushing of wind on their faces or fully cover their faces. Not only does this helmet fulfill the above requirements but is also best for someone on a budget. Below are some aspects that flaunt features of the helmet that makes it a superlative budget-friendly choice;

Perfect Fit

Finding a helmet with an exact fit is rare. This helmet enhances security and comfort by 3D laser cut check pads. Moreover, for ease of putting it on or taking it off, it has a quick release strap. With most head shapes being oval, it`s shaping assumes a long oval shape.

It has an inner liner whose purpose is to absorb moisture keeping you dry and comfortable. Also, the liner is removable and washable. Made of an alloy; aerodynamic kinetic polycarbonate, it reduces bulk.

Twin Shield Visor System

One prefers to see the environment all through the ride, but some helmets just make it impossible. An LS2 helmet has a face shield whose material is fog resistant thus improves clarity during cold weather.

The LS2 helmet features a twin shield system operated through a flip switch.  This switch has only on or off and swiftly clacks the visor when needed. Thus, if riding in a sunny environment, one can effortlessly actuate sun protection.

Also, the shield is scratch resistant and UV resistant. Thus, no need to put on an additional visor.


There is a huge risk associated with riding a motorcycle. Thus safety is always on the top list. LS2 modular helmet certifies safety during a ride since it is ECE and DOT approved. It's two straps that are reinforced chin and quick release strap, further enhance safety.

This helmet advances security during the night by increasing visibility thanks to a reflective safety patch. Also, in case of a crush, materials that make the helmet ensure minimum impact.

Retractable Chin Bar

For bikers who prefer feeling the wind brush through their face, wearing full-faced helmets does not offer the comfort desired.  LS2 helmet puts you to consider. It disregards the aggravation through a retractable chin bar.

It works by flipping a switch, which makes the chin bar slide, upwards thus making the helmet open, faced. There is a dent that allows the chin bar maintain its place making it easy to ride with a free chin bar.


An LS2 modular helmet has a ventilation system that is modifiable to suit one`s needs. Thus, it offers comfort. Ventilation is further enhanced by ventilation ports, (both intake and exhaust) with the intake ports having EPS vents.  These ports have channels that improve air-flow with minimum noise.

For example, if the weather is cold during a ride, through a button, one can close the chin vents. This can also solve the issue where fog accumulates in the helmet during rain.

  • Straps that fasten tightly
  • Tremendous drop-down visor
  • Suitable for night ride
  • Excellent ventilation feature
  • It fogs up during rainy weather. This fog is, however, solvable by opening the chin vents

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does LS2 helmet come with color choices?
Yes, it does come in 8 colors, from which you can choose one that suits you.

Q: The LS2 helmet face shield has small holes, two to be precise, with plastic plugs and with each having a diameter of about 3/16''. Why are these holes there?
A: The holes are strategically placed there to support pin lock, which is anti-fog inserts.

Q: Exactly how does the sun visor mechanism work?
Sun visor is moveable, and one can quickly drop it down using its cable and slide. 

Final Verdict

After going through the features mentioned above, isn't admirable about this LS2 modular helmet? It is lightweight, enhances safety, and promotes ventilation. It is fashionable too, so you don't have to compromise safety for looks. Also, it provides protection against elements such scorching sun. In simple terms, it is everything a biker would want!

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